Exclusive Interview: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Soulja Boy, Fizz and Yung Berg Make A Shocking Confession & Debate Acceptable Cheating & Sex Tapes!

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 Today’s Throwback  interview happens to be one of my most talked about interviews from 2014! The men of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood gave some of the most shocking answers to my questions about women and relationships, that it still has the comment section on youtube on fire! And the fact that Soulja Boy inferred that he might have slept with K Michelle ignited a social media feud between the two of them (which both have cleared up that they’ve never even met) also made this throwback one for the history books! Enjoy!

Originally published : September 16, 2014

Soulja Boy, Yung Berg and Fizz from Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, gave me one of the most interesting interviews of my career thus far! It was honestly more of a friendly debate, then an interview!  I sat down with three of the newest cast members from the Love and Hip Hop franchise for a 3 part interview about the show, their career highlights and pitfalls and the most controversial topic of the day….relationships!  I have to admit, I have never heard some of their theories on cheating before.  According to them, everyone cheats and it is not a reason to end a relationship.  Apparently, if a girl leaves you because you were cheating, she wasn’t down for you from the beginning.  They also believe in sex tapes and feel that all women should be ready to ‘turn up for their man,’ (sexually), but that a man should not have to do the same.  But, when I asked the gentlemen, who they would date from one of the other L&HH shows, I received an interesting answer….did Soulja Boy accidentally confess to sleeping with K. Michelle?  Uh, oh!

Ladies…I was blown away by this conversation.  I had fun getting to know the boys, but if this is how most YOUNG men feel, I understand why so many of us walk around with broken hearts and depressing outlooks on relationships. I’m interested to know if you all agree with the guys, or with me!

LHHH Fizz, Berg, Soulja, Cherise Nicole

I asked them about relationship deal breaker’s and while Fizz had and issue with bad feet and Soulja Boy can’t deal with a messy girl telling all of his business in the streets, the ultimate debate was about cheating.  Some say it’s not a deal breaker, others say it is…but only if the girl cheats….because men can’t help it!

Here are some of the highlights:

If you’re dating your ideal girl (physically) and she cheats on you, is that a deal breaker? 

Fizz:  “I’ll say this though, we’ve all done our fair share of dirt.  And if you really love a person, cause I’m going through this, if you really love a person and they cheat on you, everybody make mistakes.  You know what I’m saying?  They may not be in the same position you are mentally at that time in the relationship.  You may be more in-love at that time then she is.  You know what I’m saying? So, but Sh#t changes back and forth.”

Berg: “Fizz, my brother, I 110% respect him, I can’t go.  ”

Soulja: “But, what if you walk in and she smashing someone?

Fizz: ” That’s different.  If I catch it…but if she tell me about it and some sh#t , it’s different.”

Berg: “I’m cutting your water off if I find out, I don’t even got to see it.”

Berg: “You can’t do what I do.”

CNikky: “Now I see why you don’t have a woman.”

Berg: ” It’s gone happen though, you gotta just believe in me.  Because if the woman really wants to be with me, she gone want better for me.  She’s gonna accept me with my flaws and steer me in the right direction. I need guidance too, I don’t know everything. But at the same token, I’m a work in progress everyday my love.”

LHHH Cherise Nicole, Soulja Boy, Fizz, Berg

Soulja: “This how I feel like, though.  If you gonna come to me and your gonna break up with me because I was cheating, then you ain’t never want to be with me in the first place!  Cause you gotta look at it like this right, what person in the world ain’t cheated before?

CNikky: “ME!”

Soulja: “Well, you a 1% out of 99%.  Most everybody in the world done cheated before.  And if you…

CNikky: “Most dudes have cheated before!”

Soulja: ” Most every woman cheated before!”

Fizz: “What’s the #1 record out right now?”

CNikky: “Loyal”

Fizz, Soulja & Berg: “Exactly! Cause it’s true.  Ya’ll are not loyal!”

LHHH Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 7.21.33 PM

Fizz: “Here’s the difference between women and men.  See, we’ll cheat and we’ll drop that b#tch the next day.  Ya’ll, when ya’ll cheat, ya’ll really like the n##ga!   Ya’ll really like him, like Ahhhh! Right!  So, it’s like, that’s why it’s not acceptable. You  know what I mean? To a certain degree, it’s not acceptable at that point.”


Soulja: “But, that’s real though, if a girl  gone break up with you for cheating, she ain’t want to be with you in the first place.  I feel like you supposed to ride that out.  You supposed to find another reason.  That can’t be the reason why you breaking up.  Everybody cheat!  Ya’ll supposed to work through that.  If ya’ll can’t work through that (Ha! Ha!) You laughing but I’m dead #ss serious!”


Fizz: “You also gotta know that she accept, like he say, that she really riding with you though.  That she’s gonna accept the bullish#t.  If I’m accepting the bullsh#t, then accept my bullish#t!”

Berg: “If Rae Rae can cheat on you on 69th and Western, then Berg, SouljaBoy and Fizz can cheat on you in Hollywood.”

Soulja: “If you don’t ride, then you wasn’t down from the beginning.”

CNikky: “So, do you cheat on a girl, just to test her (loyalty)?”

Berg: “We don’t go into any situation pre-meditated. It just happens!”

LHHH Fizz, Berg, Soulja Boy and Cherise Nicole

I asked the fellas who from any of the Love and Hip Hop franchise’s would they date and who would they never date. While Berg admitted that Tahiry (LHH NY) was his type and Hazel E (LHHH) was not and Fizz said he would never date Joseline Hernandez (LHH Atlanta), Soulja Boy had the most interesting answer….

Soulja: “Sh#t……I ain’t trying to get in trouble.  I’m in a relationship like a mutha-f—–! ……. (Pause) I’d smash K. Michelle!! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!”

Berg: “Oh….Sh#t!”

CNikky:” Did you smash K. Michelle?”

Soulja: “What?!!!!  Hold on man!  Hold on, hold on, hold on now!! You mixing my words up!  Hold on! Check it out, hold on, hold on! Naw, naw, that’s crazy! Hold on now! Naw man, ya’ll tripping. Naw. She gone get your boy in trouble. I’d date K. Michelle and I’m not gonna say nothing else.”

Joseline Hernandez and K. Michelle
Joseline Hernandez and K. Michelle

Even though he denied it….his reaction and body language said that something definitely went down between the two of them!  I sincerely hope this doesn’t cause problems between Soulja and his current girlfriend, Nia Riley.  He didn’t say it happened while they were together after all.  I’m sure K. Michelle will have something to say about this.

I had a great time debating with the fellas!  Check out part 1 of the interview below and tune in for the premiere of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Monday night at 9pm on VH1!



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