Exclusive Interview: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Miles Talks Being Gay In Hip Hop, Religion, Dej Loaf & The Truth About Him & Milan

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Miles Brock and Cherise Nicole

This season on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, viewers were introduced to two of the first openly homosexual male rappers, Miles and Milan.  Miles Brock aka Siir Brock had a few hurdles to face on national television.  Not only was he coming out to the world, the Hip Hop community and his family, but he was also coming out to his ex-girlfriend and best friend, Amber.  Who still had hopes of them re-conciling.  Miles is up against several taboo’s.  He’s a Black man, he’s religious (a former youth pastor), he’s dated women and denied sleeping with men in the past and of course he is a rapper! While he is bisexual and not ‘on the down low,’ his relationship has been extremely controversial this season.  Sparking several social media debates from both supporters and people against it. It even inspired a special on VH1, called “Out in Hip Hop.’  The highly anticipated special features Miles, Run DMC, Ray J, Lil Fizz, Pastors from different religious backgrounds, Felicia ‘Snoop’ Pearson from the Wire, Siya from The Sisterhood of Hip Hop and many others who have strong opinions about homosexuality in Hip Hop.  Sounds very interesting!

I had the opportunity to sit down with Miles at the House of Macua, a new restaurant and lounge, owned by Keyshia Cole’s manager, Manny Halley.  We discussed all of the questions fans wanted to know!  Are he and Milan still together?  Why come out on reality television?  Where is his relationship with Amber?  How can he be religious and Gay?  Is the Hip Hop community homophobic? Has he ever contemplated suicide? Why does he rap about women if he is Gay? He was very brave and honest in discussing his private life in this 3 part interview.

Last week, Mile’s boyfriend on the show, Milan, posted on instagram that the couple were no longer together and Miles was pretending they were still together. He immediately deleted the post.  So, I wanted to know what was really going on?

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What’s going on with you and your boyfriend Milan?

“I feel like, since it is the first same sex relationship on Love and Hip Hop between two males, we have this red light under us and this microscope on our relationship and it’s hard, you know what I mean?  We’re like every other relationship, you know what I mean? We fight, we argue, we break up to make up.  And all that other stuff, so it’s just been hard. We’ve been riding this rollercoaster since the show has aired.  You know we’re dealing with it, we’re moving forward.”

As of today are you together?

“Today, we are working on keeping things together! Today we are pushing things together!  Like, no we’re not letting go. We’re fighting, but, I’m making it work.”

Miles Brock and Cherise Nicole

Miles, aka Siir Brock has a new single out called ‘West Coast.’  In the song, he raps about women and many fans are confused.  I asked him about his lyrics and he also let us know that this subject will be addressed on Monday nights special, Out in Hip Hop.

If you’re a “Gay” rapper, why do you rap about women?

“I think even on the Out in Hip Hop special you’ll see the controversy between the two.  Because, you’ll have rappers in the LGBT community who consider themselves, Gay rappers. They rap, for the community.  I don’t consider myself a Gay rapper.  I’m a rapper who is not afraid to say who he lies with or who he is.  I’m a free rapper.  I get in the booth, I write  and that’s bad.  It is what it is.”

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Another hip hop artist dealing with coming out is Detroit rapper, Dej Loaf.  Last week, Bossip had an exclusive interview with her ‘girlfriend,’  who was upset that people thought Dej Loaf was dating male rapper, Lil Durk and Dej did not deny it.  When, according to her her girlfriend, she was still in a relationship with Dej and wanted her to let the world know that they were together.  So, I asked Miles if he agreed with the girlfriend or with Dej maintaining her privacy?

What do you think about Dej Loaf and her girlfriend’s situation?  Should she come out as well?

“You know what? I can relate to that because everyone needs to be comfortable in their own time.  You know what I mean? Just because you ready right now, doesn’t mean I’m ready right now.  It’s a process for everybody.  If she ain’t ready, she ain’t ready.  If she is, she is.  Don’t force nobody to do nothing though.”

How are you dealing with the negative comments about you being homosexual?

“It hurts.  I’m human.  I thank God that I have tough skin. This is the exact reason why a lot of men and women are afraid to be who they are.  Because they’re afraid of so many people coming at them with the negative comments and disappointing so many people and breaking so many people’s hearts.  It is hard.  I’m not going to sugar coat it.  You have to have tough skin and be confident in who you are and be able to say ‘Hey, you either love me or you hate me.”

Miles Brock

Did God tell you to come out on this show?

“It was definitely God that told me to do this, but I still had my reservations. “

How has being religious affected your decision to come out?

“This is why I’m 27 and barely coming forth with this.  It was being raised in the church and being a pastor to the youth at one point in my life that has definitely kept my feelings in for so long.  Trying to figure out who I am, why I have these feelings.  If I’ve always been taught my entire life that this is wrong.  To lie with another man is an abomination.  Or a woman lying with another woman is an abomination.  How can I ever be secure and happy with myself if I’ve always been taught that was wrong?  I’s been a rollercoaster ride.  But, I know that I’m helping people.”

Unfortunately, many people are so ashamed of being homosexual, they elect to take their own lives.  I asked Miles if he’s ever been severely depressed to the point of considering suicide.

Was there a time, when your life was so dark, you considered suicide?

 “There was a time when I was just driving down the freeway and I was just thinking, praying and talking to God.  Just not understanding why I felt like this, why I had these feelings?  What’s wrong with me?  Am I a bad person?  It says in the Bible that people that have these feelings and act on them go to Hell.  And so, I was like, what’s wrong with me?  I don’t do anything?  I don’t hurt anybody. I’m a good man.  Why do I have these feelings?  And I just pulled over because I was ready to drive off the road.  And I just sat there and prayed and cried.”

Suicide is never the answer.  It always gets better.  Thanks Miles for being so brave and honest.  Hopefully, it will help people who are struggling with the same issues.

Please watch all 3 parts of my interview with Miles Brock.  Perhaps it will open your heart or your mind and allow you to think differently about homosexuality. Tune in tonight to VH1 at 8pm to see Miles come out to his ex-girlfriend in front of the world.  And stay tuned for the epic special “Out In Hip Hop,’ also on Monday night at 10pm on VH1. 

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