Exclusive Interview: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Brandi & Max Talk Whitney Houston, Ray J & Cheating!

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Brandi Boyd, Cherise NIcole and Max Lux


Love and Hip Hop Hollywood had a few new cast members this season and they are bringing the heat.  Brandi Boyd is the God Daughter of the late Whitney Houston and the wife of music producer, Max ‘Lux’ Boyd.  She is a member of a rap duo called Queenz that’s signed to Nick Cannon’s record label, Ncredible. Her husband has produced and written hits for Lil Wayne, Lil Kim and Ray J among others.  And while their music careers are on the rise, their marriage has seen it’s share of trouble. Brandi is a firecracker, who is quick to pop off, ruffle feathers and turn the studio upside down to fight for her man!  This season, the couple will deal with infidelity and mis-trust, but the question is….when does fighting for your relationship, go too far?

I sat down with Brandi and Max to find out how crazy things have become between them.  They dished on how Ray J has added to their problems, how they feel about the Ray J, Teairra Mari, Princess love triangle and how they really feel about Soulja Boy and Nia’s ‘open’ relationship.  The couple also shared their private moments with Whitney Houston and how she felt about their tumultuous relationship!

Brandi Boyd and Cherise Nicole

What’s your relationship like with Ray J?


“There’s been so many old memories, where they (Ray J and Max) turned up on me to the max.  I’m talking bout I’m thinking they going down the street to the studio and I’m looking, you know, finding out on social media that Oh, ok studio was bullsh*t.  There you go with Becky number 1, 2, 3,4.  In this show I talk about these Becky’s.  They thirsty.  I’m sorry!  Everybody has some THOT in them.  I had some THOT in me at one point in time.  But you graduate from the THOT-ness, ok!  You stay in your lane, away from married men or relationships, dating….have some class! Grow up.  Don’t stay in kindergarten.  We want to see you make it to eighth grade!”

Is Ray J better off with Princess or Teairra Mari?


“I definitely feel like he’s better off with Princess, because in the end sometimes two people that care about each other aren’t always meant to be.  It’s back to one of those things where if you tried everything….no shade, but I’m definitely riding with Princess and Ray.”

How did Whitney Houston feel about your relationship with your husband?


“My God mother always told me, do not be afraid to fight for what you love.  Don’t let nobody come in your foundation, that’s yours.  Now, if it doesn’t work and you put your all into it, that’s another story.  My GodMother was a beautiful soul and anybody that got to be apart of her situation was Blessed.  She, believe it or not, fought me for him (Max Lux).  And that’s why I’m really not letting him go.  It’s crazy because with him, she was like, ‘don’t be messing with my Godson. Don’t be smothering him.’  She stuck up for him and she always told me he was different.  She told him to his face.  ‘I love you, you’re my son too, but I don’t want to see this bull sh*t.”

How do you feel about Soulja Boy and Nia Riley having an ‘open’ relationship?


“I honestly got to agree with them because they’re so young.  Why would you trap yourself this young? You want to stay as free as possible as long as possible when you’re young.  35 or 45  get out the club, you look crazy.  But, when you’re young….cause we got married young, in our 20’s.”


“Anybody in a relationship needs to be committed.  That’s what I do know! Anybody that feels like they need to get it out they system, then get it out your system outside of the relationship. Don’t do that to me.”

Brandi Boyd, Cherise Nicole and Max Lux

Although both of them admit to cheating on each other, Brandi obviously felt it necessary to find out if her husband was cheating on her, by setting him up in the ultimate test!  During their first appearance on LHHH, we learn that at one point she hid in the trunk of a car, in order to catch him in the act of cheating.  I asked her why she went to that extreme.

Why were you hiding in the trunk of a car?


“Jump out boys. I think she actually went to school to be a federal agent and at the last minute dropped out.  So, now she carried those skills over into the relationship. ”


“I was trying to figure out what the hell he was doing and where he was at.  One of my people..I had a mission in place.  I tell all my friends, family and fans, if you need to put a plan in action, don’t feel bad.  Because that’s apart of trying everything.  You have to try everything to protect you and yours.  Yep, so I hopped my pretty *ss in a trunk and my girl was driving and all the decoys were in place.  And luckily for him, it didn’t go to the next level.  But, were there Becky’s around?  Most definitely.  But that night, my pretty Cape Verdian, ride or die (friend) let me hear everything.  I jumped out the trunk when I thought it got real, when she got to the location. But, your boy Mr. Max Lux was snoring on them b**ches!  He literally, fell asleep.  He wasn’t doing anything and I was happy that night. But, I was in the trunk and I’m not going to lie to you.”


“But, that’s what I’m saying right there  To even go home to a girl that was in the trunk, I should get points for that because really, you should probably move or change your number, you know what I’m saying?  And get a new girl!”


“You are the only person in my whole entire life who could ever do this to me!  I know what love is with him.  He is everything to me.  I love him to death.”

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