Exclusive Interview: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Rasheeda & Kirk Frost Open Up About Their Relationship

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Kirk and Rasheeda

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta remains the most talked about reality show on television.  Other than the hilarious characters Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez, this season Rasheeda and her husbandger Kirk Frost have become the hot button conversation for most reality show lovers.  As we previously reported, Kirk encouraged his wife, Rasheeda to get an abortion when she told him she was pregnant with their second child.  He also questioned the paternity of the child, cheated on his wife (on national television) and attempted to ruin her video shoot for her new single ‘From The Back.’  While this move had fans all over the country (Including me) furious at Kirk, the couple ‘seem’ to be trying to make it work.  Although, recent reports have her filing for divorce…allegedly.

Kirk & Rasheeda

Cherise Nicole (CNikky) and our associates CocoaFab caught up with the on again off again couple during the BET Awards.  They opened up about their marriage, taking advice from the cast of the show and how he really feels about her new video.  Woman to woman, you can tell when another woman has had enough.  After this interview, I’m not sure that this relationship will last.  Can’t say I’d blame Rasheeda if she walks away.  She deserves better.  However, if staying together makes them happy, we wish them the best!

Rasheeda on Kirk trying to save their marriage:

“He’s working.  He’s working hard ya’ll, just so ya’ll know.  He’s trying.”

We trying to keep it right.  We working on it.”

Was Kirk happy with Rasheeda’s new video AFTER it premiered:

“I just wanted  her to wait until she dropped the load.  ”

“But were you happy is what she asked you.”

“Yeah I was happy after, Yes. Of course I was happy after.  I wasn’t happy during.  Just being honest.”

Kirk & Rasheeda on taking advice from Benzino & Stevie J:

“I gotta stop hanging with the bad guys on the show.  They got a bad influence.”

“They never been married, don’t know what to say. He can’t go to nobody really!”

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Watch the interview below:

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