Exclusive Interview: Loretta Devine & David Alan Grier Talk Trump, Amber Rose & The Carmichael Show!

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David Alan Grier, Cherise Nicole and Loretta Devine

Legends is the only name that can proceed veteran actors Loretta Devine and David Alan Grier.  From Broadway to movie theaters, they have dazzled us for more than three decades and they aren’t slowing down anytime soon. In addition to appearing on other shows, they are currently starring on The Carmichael Show Sunday nights on NBC.  The groundbreaking comedy is often controversial and thought provoking and even when it seems like the situation is tense, Loretta and David bring the funny!  I had the pleasure of sitting down with them on the set and I could not stop laughing.  We talked about everything from the upcoming election with Donald Trump, the feminist,  Amber Rose and the invasion of Debbie Allen, who seems to always steal Loretta’s man or her job!  Too Funny!

David Alan Grier, Cherise Nicole, Loretta Devine

I noticed that on the set of The Carmichael Show, they had a picture of President Obama hanging on the wall.

If Donald Trump wins the election, will you replace the picture of Obama with Trumps’ picture?


“Hell NO!”


“We don’t know what’s gonna happen.  We just praying, everybody just praying.  But, you know America gonna sneak up in that booth and vote [for Trump] and they ain’t gonna tell you. Everybody gonna say, ‘Oh no, I didn’t vote for him!’ But, they be done voted for him.”


“You know what, the slickest thing is that as we get closer to the election, Obama’s like, ‘Ya’ll good. (peace sign) You’ll figure it out!’

As far as their characters on the show, David isn’t sure which way they will lean.

“I frankly can’t tell you who Cynthia’s gonna vote for and who Joe is gonna vote for.  And who Amber’s character gonna vote for and who Jerrod is gonna vote for!  I couldn’t tell you!  I mean this show is so crazy, Bobby might be the Trump supporter.”


“I believe Joe would be voting for Trump!”

This season, the cast addresses the topic of infidelity, so I wanted to know, what celebrity would they each bring on the show to date and make each other jealous?!  While Loretta Devine chose Ghostbusters star Ernie Hobson (because he has a full head of hair) David Alan Grier had a younger and spicier choice…


“I would bring somebody like Amber Rose.  She’s a feminist.”


“Who the Hell is Amber Rose?! Is that a white lady?”

I suggested to David, that the best choice to get under Loretta’s skin would be to invite Debbie Allen on the show.  Debbie took Loretta’s tv husband on the show Grey’s Anatomy, (after Loretta’s character was killed off.) And she seems to have a pattern of taking over the shows Loretta is on!  All in fun of course!


“We both from Houston, we both did Grey’s Anatomy, Different World,  she came in and ummmhmmm.  She came over and directed a show on Client List right after she took my husband on Grey’s Anatomy, girl my heart started beating fast when I saw her! Don’t bring no damn, Debbie Allen over here!”

Hilarious! Congratulations to Loretta and David on another successful show! Be sure to tune in and support.

The Carmichael Show airs Sunday nights on NBC!

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