Exclusive Interview: LisaRaye, Denise Vasi & Charity Shea Talk Insecurities, Body Image & Extreme Diets

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The gorgeous and sexy cast of VH1’s ‘Single Ladies,’  seem to have everything going for them.  They are stunning, stylish, in shape and making that TV money!  But, that doesn’t mean they don’t suffer from some of the same insecurities as the rest of us.  LisaRaye, Denise Vasi, Terell Tilford, Damien Dante Wayans and Charity Shea, sat down with me to discuss the things that made them feel bad about themselves and how they’ve learned to overcome.   LisaRaye hated her freckles and was never told that her hazel eyes were beautiful until she was an adult.  Denise Vasi on the other hand, was told that her eyes were beautiful, but she was made to believe that people were trying to hex her!  She also struggled with accepting her big booty and dealing with people who didn’t understand what it meant to be bi-racial.  Charity Shea learned that it’s o.k. to suck and Damien Dante Wayans became so fed up with kids making fun of his head, that he had to learn how to fight back with comedic words!

The ladies also shared with us their extreme diet regime.  The camera add at least 10 pounds, so what do the ladies do to keep the weight off?  Let’s just say, it involves hanging upside down like a bat!

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Denise Vasi addresses feeling insecure about her eyes, butt and being bi-racial:

“As a little girl, my mom would be weird about it.  She would say, ‘Say thank you, turn around and make your cross and thank God.  Because she was worried that people were kind of like hexing me.  They used to come up to her and ask her, did you put contacts in your little girls eyes? It was so weird and I would come home and sit in the mirror and say,’ What’s so different?’ Now, as an adult I’m like, thank goodness I’ve got my eyes because otherwise, I just wouldn’t be the same person anymore! But, I remember growing up and feeling awkward, the fact that I’m so mixed.  Puerto Rican, Dominican and Greek and everybody wants to know, oh , your mixed and how is it growing up mixed?  And in this kind of neighborhood, you’re Puerto Rican and Dominican how does that work amongst friends in New York City because you know supposedly, there’s this beef?  And I’m like, I don’t know? My family just kind of, put everything together.  So, you know, we eat Greek lamb and we eat rice and beans!  That’s just what it is and I don’t know anything differently.  But, people, sometimes I think that obviously we have our own physical things that bother us, you know, I got a little bum that sometimes  when I was growing up I didn’t realize that later on it was going to be an asset!  No pun and every pun intended!  But, I remember, I look at pictures of myself at the beach at 13, with shorts covering up and I’m like, what the hell? I shouldn’t have been covering up, I should’ve been flaunting it!  Not that I think 13 year olds should be all out there, but even at 16 and stuff, when you really are young and have the shape and now, because of J Lo and women that have amazing figures and Sofia (Vergara) I think that girls are growing up to really appreciate their curves and their personalities more as we kind of use social media and see and have accessibility to that stuff.”

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Damien Dante Wayans discusses learning how to defend himself from playground bullies:

“Um, insecurities.  When I was young I always thought I had a big head.  Still do.  I always thought I had a big head and I think that’s where I got my funny bone from.  Cause I used to run home and I used to go, ‘Ma’ they talking bout my head again!  And she would say , you better hike on em’ and I’d be like, ‘What I say?’ ‘You look em’ up and down and you find what’s funny about them and you exploit it.  And from that point on, I would slay anybody that would talk about my dome.  And that’s what, literally was the seed that was planted in terms of when my funny began.”

I love it when celebrities can be so honest about their insecurities.  Thanks for sharing guys.  The moral of their story seems to always be, the thing we are the most insecure about, makes us different and in the end it always turns out to be our greatest asset!

Single Ladies Airs on Monday Nights at 10pm on VH1!

Watch The Interview Below:

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