Exclusive Interview: Lil’ Mama Responds To Pebbles TLC Biopic Controversy & Talks Left Eye

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Lil Mama laid out some serious knowledge when I caught up with her during the premiere of the Best Man Holiday.  In addition to getting the scoop on her favorite part of the original film, we had to talk to her about portraying Left Eye in the TLC Biopic and find out how all of the negative criticism coming from TLC’s former manager, Pebbles, is affecting her.  Pebbles made a special appearance on the Wendy Williams show on Wednesday, to voice her disdain with the biopic and publicly accuse TBoz, Chili and VH1 for perpetuating a false biopic.  She even claimed that some of the movie was so fabricated, it made her laugh.

How has the controversy with the TLC Biopic and Pebbles affected you personally?

“To know that she’s hurt, again, like I said, my best scene from the Best Man, the original, we have to learn to forgive one another and you know I’ve heard Tionne say many times, she’s done great things for us, we just show the things that hurt us or made us….we just show the things that took away from our best. That we wish were better at times.  Like I said, hopefully we can get to that place where we can forgive one another and just move on.  And if there is something that we’ve done that wasn’t right to someone that we can admit it and at least let that burden off of our spirit as well as the perception that we leave upon others.”

Well said Lil’ Mama!

Watch the interview below:


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