Exclusive Interview: LHHH Part 2 Soulja Boy, Yung Berg & Fizz Open Up About Their Personal Pitfalls & Triumphs

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LHHH Fizz, Berg, Soulja Boy & Cherise Nicole

 If you’ve tuned in to Love and Hip Hop Hollywood this season, or if you watched my previous interview with cast members, Soulja Boy, Yung Berg and Fizz, then you probably think that these three guys are all about playing games, collecting the baddest ‘chicks’ and flossing their money.  However, in part 2 of my interview, I learned something totally different.  The fellas opened up about the pitfalls of being in the entertainment business and how they’re learning to overcome adversity.  We also discussed the highlights of their career thus far.  And I have to honestly say, it is worth watching because you may be pleasantly surprised.

I asked the guys about the highlight of their career and while Soulja shared his Grammy nomination and his song going #1, Yung Berg shared a funny story about the time he recorded ‘Sexy Can I,’ with Ray J and Teairra Mari (complete with a Ray J impersonation!)  Let’s just say, it involved, weed, pornography and a Ray J and Teairra Mari argument!  In addition, Fizz gave a heartfelt answer, by saying that re-uniting with his friend and former bandmate from B2K, Omarion is his personal highlight.  The two besties went ther separate ways and ended their friendship after the nasty break-up of the group.  But, they have since made amends.

What’s the biggest highlight of your career thus far?


“To date? I would probably say, getting back cool with Omarion, my group member .  That’s like my bro’.  We’ve been kinda like off for a while so, being that we re-kindled our friendship it’s a good energy and a good vibe right now for my life.”

Omarion and Fizz


Soulja Boy shared the downside of fame, comes when you have to live your life in a fish bowl and it’s hard to tell the real people from the fake.

Soulja Boy:

“We just young, growing up in front of the public, you know what I’m saying?  It’s a lot growing up in front of millions of people.  People seeing us getting our first tattoo’s, doing our first shows and all that. So, now we got to be in a relationship in front of the whole world.  You know it’s kind of hard.  You got, all girls coming out from 5 to 10 years ago you know what I’m talking about?  They wasn’t saying nothing to you, now they everywhere trying to holler at you? You know what I’m saying?  We get side tracked and distracted sometimes.”

What’s the greatest challenge of your career so far, and what made you push forward?

Yung Berg:

“Me, Soulja…like, Fizz kind of beat us to the punch. Like me and Soulja we grew up in the internet, actual age, where youtube and worldstar and all that sh#t was just going crazy.  You can’t go to the Target and take a piss and walk out with some toilet paper stuck to your shoe without a muthaf##ker with a camera phone saying hold on! Then it’s on worldstar the same day.  So, I just think that a lot of pitfalls that we went thru, you know it comes with the territory. That’s why it’s so comfortable to be doing Love and Hip Hop.  I could be in the club tongue kissing a girl and they gonna put it on the internet anyway.  So, I might as well, do it on TV, get a check for it and let ya’ll see what’s really going on in my real life.  It’s just about bouncing back.  And I think that we all resilient.  And I think we’re a testimony to anybody because, we done been through adversity.  We young, but we still get money. Say what you want to say, about any of us, but we still get money. And that’s what the bottom line is.”

Fizz, Berg, Soulja, Cherise

All of the young men have experienced the epitome of success, but they’ve also experienced the fall from grace.  I asked them about the differences from being on top to being ridiculed and neglected on the “bottom.”

What’s the difference between the highs of the highs and the lows of the lows?


“For me, personally, I would say, the highs of the highs, when you’re there, well, when I was there, we were all so young.  Being at that point, you don’t really see, everything that’s coming with it, it just seems kind of natural.  And then when you get to the bottom again, and you’re like, ‘Damn, I had that, I was doing this, what changed or what can I do to get back to that?’ It’s when you realize, once it comes back, that you can deal with it.  You can weed out the fake from the real. You can know where to spend your money at.  You can adjust to it better.”

Fizz, Berg, Soulja, Cherise Nicole

Soulja Boy:

“And no matter, how high you are and how low you are, somebody always gonna want something from you. People always gonna want.  They gon’ think you got a million on you to give anybody at any given time.  So, whether you in your highest moment and you got, the #1 song on the charts, or whether you cold and you ain’t had a hit in 6 months, or a show in 6 months, people always still gonna want from you.  So, you gotta be strong enough to be yourself and maintain. And handle your business and still take care of other people as well. You know what I’m saying?  It’s just crazy man, it’s crazy.”

Thanks for sharing with us guys.  I really appreciated your honesty.

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood airs Monday nights on VH1!

Watch the interview below:


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