Exclusive Interview: LHH Hollywood’s Omarion & Apryl Reveal The Deets Of Their Pregnancy Shocker & Open Up About His Relationship With Fizz

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Omarion, Apryl, Cherise


Omarion and Apryl Jones have turned out to be the heart of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.  The couple likes to call themselves the modern day Martin and Gina and after spending some time with them…. I must agree!  I had the pleasure of sitting down with the new parents for what turned out to be an incredibly fun and open conversation about life, career, relationships and friendships.  We even got on our feet and danced a little bit!

In part 1 of my 4 part interview, Omarion and Apryl opened up about the details of her pregnancy.  They shared everything from the conception, until the shocking moment they realized they were going to be parents! Then, I spoke to Omarion about his former bandmate, Fizz.  During a recent interview I had with Fizz, he admitted that the highlight of his career was re-building his relationship with Omarion.  The two had a very public split and ended their friendship soon after the dissolution of B2K.  But, in the past year, they’ve  worked out their differences like men and built a strong bond.  I asked O, how he felt about his friend.  And he shed some light on what he’s learned about true friendships and the fact that the people that are in your life when you are younger, are not usually around as you get older.

Omarion, Apryl, Cherise Nicole

What really happened when you got Apryl pregnant?


“I’m gonna be honest with you.  We didn’t even know, when it was happening.  And I’m gonna tell you I had caught her in the bathroom, with the.. (Pregnancy test) Yeah, with the thing!  And she..


“I’m gonna need you to rewind it all the way back.  Because it was your birthday.  For his birthday I gave him a care package.  I waited all the way until right when it hit 12 o’ clock on his birthday.  I had a little care package and it had all of the things that he has liked since I’ve known him in the relationship. So, whether it was like small things like candies, or like his colognes, or everything that he liked was in that care package.  You know? And that night, I told him, during that time, because I’m in the medical field, I know when I’m ovulating.  Please honey, do not (pause) in me!  O.K.! Because I’m ovulating! O.K. situation happens and he’s like..Can I, Can I? And I’m like, I don’t know, I don’t know?! Bam!! I knew I was pregnant. I said I’m pregnant honey!  He said ‘No you not.’  So, then, Paul Walker dies, it goes until November 30th, his birthday is on the 12th. Paul Walker passes away, I say ‘Oh my God, where my period?’ And then I thought to myself, Oh no this would be not good.  Because you know, when someone dies comes life.  So, I was like, let me go to the store. So, we go to the store and we was supposed to get fruit. And he catches me in the pregnancy isle. He’s like, just get the damn test!  So, I get the test, I go into the bathroom and..


“She tried to sneak.”

Omarion, Apryl and Cherise Nicole


“I do, I try to sneak and I take it and I’m like…”Oh my God,’ I was pregnant.


“I busted in on her finding out!  So, she had called a friend.  She called a friend and she on the phone like, ‘ Oh my God, girl,’ she couldn’t even get it out because I was like hit the door like, boom! To let her know I heard her.  And then she was like,’ Honey, I’m pregnant!’ And I was like ‘For Real? I’m excited!’ And she was like, ‘You’re not mad or anything?’ And I’m like, ‘No, I’m happy! ‘

Omarion and Apryl


“And I was like Yaay! O.K. And I was like are we going to tell anyone?  And he said no, we’re not going to tell anybody.  We’ll just wait.  Five seconds later, he on the phone like, ‘Guess what?  Baby pregnant!!’  He was so excited.  But he  made me feel so much better because I was scared. I was scared, I was like Oh, my God, I’m pregnant.  And I’m going to be pushing a baby out of my vagina in the next 9 months.  I was terrified. “

Omarion, Apryl, Cherise Nicole


Fizz said that re-kindling a friendship with you was the highlight of his career, how do you feel about him?


“That’s real, that’s excellent.  Well, to be completely honest with you, as a man, you know brotherhood is real important. So, to be able to have the types of experiences that we’ve had together, we like..you know when people say, we’ve grown up together? No, we really grew up together.  We were separated from our family and we were family on the road.  So, it’s cool that, life has happened and we separated.  He has a son, I can ask him for advice, like, it’s amazing!  You know, how life is.  It’s so, interesting, when you get closer to 30, you recognize that all the friends you had, you don’t have anymore.  You know it’s like when you’re young and it’s cool and you’re hanging out with people, but then after people get like, past 28 or 29 life becomes really serious.  You’ve got responsibilities, you got bills, you’ve got all types of stuff.  Then you’re not close to the people you’d thought you’d be close to. So, it’s amazing that, even in the Love and Hip Hop Arena, that we could re-kindle our relationship And that’s what our storyline is together.  That’s amazing, you know cause we’ve been everywhere in the world together you know? So, it’s cool to hear him say that.  That’s like the dopest thing ever, like I wouldn’t imagine that he would say that, so that’s dope.”

Fizz and Omarion

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