Exclusive Interview: Part 3 LHH Hollywood’s Omarion & Apryl Address Momma Drama!

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Omarion, Apryl Jones, Cherise Nicole

Our favorite couple from Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Omarion and Apryl Jones have been experiencing some serious drama this season…and it isn’t coming from one of their peers.  Omarion’s mother is not a fan of their relationship or his girlfriend Apryl.  She has been very vocal about her dis-like for her and she has even blamed Omarion’s choice to stop paying all of her bills on Apryl.  She doesn’t care that he has a new family to provide for, she just wants him to honor his promise to take care of her for life.  She suffers from seizures, so she allegedly has trouble working, and she doesn’t plan on finding a job anytime soon.  So, when I sat down with Omarion and Apryl, I asked them the fan favorite question…What is really going on with your mom and Apryl?

What do you think your issues with your mom stem from? 


“Probably what every parent goes through and that’s like, letting your kids go.  So, I hunk that’s what it is and to be completely honest, I can’t really imagine being in a woman’s position because men don’t have those intense emotions.  We can’t birth children, so that’s why they say there’s nothing like a mothers love.  We’re kind of like, alright, we’re going to teach you how to live, you know, but your mama that’s who’s supposed to love you.  We got to be the tough love. So, I think it’s something that I have gone through, but I think it’s something that Apryl has experienced to a degree as well.  And I think everybody experiences it because really, you don’t learn without bumping your head.  You have to go out and experience things.  It’s just parenthood, it’s just letting go, I think that my mom is like, one of a billion parents that just don’t know how to let their kids go and be like, ‘Alright I love you, I’ll see you when you get back!'”

Omarion, Apryl, Cherise Nicole


“She’s really overprotective of him because she had him when she was 16.  So, it was like, that was her best friend.  And she’ll make reference to that all the time.  Like, ‘My kids are my best friends,’ cause she was a young young mother. And, now that I’m a mom, I guess I understand her a little bit more, you know, before I probably didn’t.  Before I was like ‘She just crazy, I don’t know what’s going on with her, why she be trip pin?’ But now, it’s like, I’m a mom, I get it. My son is only a couple weeks and I’m like flipping out about what it’s going to be like for him to come home and tell me he has a girlfriend.  These chicks!  You know these little scavengers!  I’m so scared!  So, you know I get it.  And on top of that she understands that her son is an entertainer, so she has probably even more reservations about chicks that are coming into his life.  You know what I’m saying?  Like, Is she after my son’s money?  Is she trying to trap my son?  I’m sure those things are going through her mind and as a woman, I can look at that and appreciate it. “

Apyl Jones, Cherise Nicole


What is your relationship like with his mom currently?


“I’ll just say that we’re family, and we’re not going anywhere.  And we’re going to have our ups and we’re going to have our downs, but, it’s my childs grandmother. So, we have to be cordial.  We have to try and get along.”

Basically, nothing has been resolved and his mother, still hasn’t accepted Apryl and her role as the woman in his life and his main priority.  It’s so sad to see when a mom can’t let go and want the best for her child.  Apryl and Omarion appear to be very much in-love and very happy.  I wish them the best of luck!


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