Exclusive Interview: Leila Ali, Gloria Govan, Matt Barnes, Danai Gurira Talk ’42’

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gloria govan and matt barnes

The Jackie Robinson biopic, ’42’ topped the box office for the past two weeks!  Professional boxer and spokes model Leila Ali, Basketball Wife Gloria Govan, L.A. Clipper Matt Barnes, Walking Dead star Danai Gurira and actress/singer Naturi Naughton attented the red carpet premiere of 42, and stopped by to tell Cherise Nicole (CNikky) how they felt about 42 and Jackie Robinson.

Danai Gurira shared why celebrating Jackie Robinson is important:

“To celebrate this man is crucial to this countries celebration of self as it is today.  I think the heroes need to be known and celebrated, for the children, for us, for generations coming, we need to know who our heroes are so that we are inspired to know that we gotta do our best, because he did his best in the most hostile of situations and the most hostile of threats to his life and saw it through to the point that we’re here celebrating him today.”

leila ali and cherise nicole

If there were a Leila Ali biopic, who would you like to play you?

Oh that’s a hard one, cause they’d have to have the boxing skills and all that….probably Sanaa Lathan or somebody like that.  I remember she did the basketball movie so…probably.”

Matt Barnes answered, What is one of the greatest challenges professional athletes face in the industry?

Trouble, there’s just trouble everywhere you turn.  I’ve been in the NBA 11 years now and you live and you learn and at my age you realize what’s important and that’s family and you want to do your best to make that work.

42 is in theaters now!  How do you feel about the American hero, Jackie Robinson?!

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