Exclusive Interview: Lauren London Says She Loves Her & Lil Wayne’s Tribe Of Children! So Sweet

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Baggage Claim hits theaters today!  Two of the fab cast members of the film, Lauren London and Jennifer Lewis spoke to Cherise Nicole (CNikky) about their roles as mother and daughter and what it was like to work with the star of the film, Paula Patton!  If you know anything about Jennifer Lewis, you are aware that she is hilarious all of the time!  So, we had a little fun!  We played CNikky’s official Baggage Claim game, ‘Let em Fly,’ or ‘Put Them on Stand-by!’  The ladies revealed their thoughts on men having bad credit, no job and a whole tribe of children! Their answers may surprise you?  Jennifer has never had children, but apart of me believes she wishes she did.  And my girl Lauren London opened up about being apart of a tribe.  Her son with Lil Wayne is only one of many children he fathered and she loves her tribe!  Am I the only one that still wonders how the heck Lil Wayne messed that relationship up?  They were engaged when she was pregnant, but obviously, he was not being faithful.  I’m glad she was strong enough to move on…but let’s face it, they are the ultimate example of how to correctly make a complicated situation work!

lauren london and cherise nicole jennifer lewis

Baggage Claim hits theaters today!  Be sure to check it out!


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