Exclusive Interview: Lauren London & Hosea Sanchez Talk Why Kiera Chose Malik Over Blue on ‘The Game!’

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Hosea Chanchez and Lauren London

Season 9 of BET’s The Game has fans torn between another love triangle.  Kiera Whitaker, Blue and Malik!  No matter who you think is right or wrong, Lauren London (who plays Kiera) and Hosea Chanchez (who plays Malik) have their own opinions and it may not be what you think?  I sat down with them to find out if they think they are a match made in heaven and how each of them relates to their characters.  Although Hosea and I had our usual battle (it’s so much fun arguing with him) Lauren London dropped some knowledge on the struggles of a black actress and why she thinks Kiera is better off by herself!

Hosea Chanchez, Cherise Nicole and Lauren London

 What did Kiera and other women see in Malik?


“Well, for Kiera he was her friend and there was a side of Malik she was allowed to see that he didn’t allow, he wasn’t so vulnerable with anybody else. And sometimes friends cross that line. I can speak for my character, I can’t speak for anybody else…..the ending is realistic, you’ll see.”


“Don’t take this the wrong way, but I think a lot of women are just attracted to the wrong guy. I don’t know why? But, Malik in a lot of ways, like I wouldn’t be friends with him. I don’t know a lot of dudes like Malik. No dudes like Malik are in my world, but that’s the fun in playing him. Me personally, growing up I am more aware of the type of person I am and the type of person I wanna be.  And to know that until the end, this guy is still kinda lost in those areas, made it a real challenge for me to play him.”

Is Kiera better off with Malik or Blue?

“I personally think Kiera is in a better position by herself. Lauren would tell Kiera to [be by herself for a while] not that Kiera would listen.”

Hosea Chanchez, Cherise Nicole, Lauren London

How do you relate to Kiera’s struggle with being an actress?

“Um the jobs are….it’s not an abundant playing field being a black actress. But, I get it. It’s not easy being in front of the camera and having people judge you and having all these opinions on you, I think when I was younger, a lot of what people say and the guidance of other people would really steer me in certain ways, but I think now at 30, I have to take destiny in my own hands and I get that now. So, I don’t really relate to her in that way.”

What do you think happens?  Will Malik and Kiera end up together?  I think not! Be sure to tune in to BET’s The Game, every Wednesday night to see how the series ends. And stay tuned for part 2 of my interview with Lauren London and Hosea Chanchez, coming next week!

Check Out our interview below:


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