Exclusive Interview: Laura & Gloria Govan Apologize To Shaunie O’ Neal, Talk NeNe Leakes & Say ‘Reality Shows ARE NOT Real!’

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gloria and laura govan

Gloria Govan and Laura Govan are the former stars of Basketball Wives L.A. and they’re gearing up for their own reality show. The two sisters have been making waves with their comments about how Shaunie O’ Neal chose to run the Basketball Wives franchise.  Laura Govan (fiance’ of Gilbert Arenas) told paparazzi that Shaunie ruined the Basketball Wives franchise by casting hoes for the show.  Cherise Nicole (CNikky) caught up with the ladies and Laura was quick to issue an apology for her previous comment.  In addition to retracting and clarifying her statement, the ladies spoke to us about their upcoming reality show, featuring their husbands and their family. They have not signed with a network yet, but the show will be ready as early as January!  While they promise that their reality show will not be as ‘ratchet,’ as Basketball Wives, they did dish on the hot mess that erupted from Bravo’s hit show, ‘I Dream of NeNe.’  Laura was a bridesmaid in the wedding of NeNe Leakes and she promised that every piece of drama you see on that show is real!  Which brings up a great point.  Fans tend to get invested in these reality shows.  And the ladies want them to know that…Sorry, reality shows, for the most part, are not real!

gloria and laura

Check out a few clips from our interview below:

Regarding Laura’s Comment About Shaunie O’ Neal Hiring Hoes For Basketball Wives Franchise:


“I shouldn’t have used the word hoes.  I did apologize.  I apologize.”


“I would’ve used it.  That’s fine.”


“But, I just feel like, there’s a show for everybody.  I kinda felt like she should’ve kept it in the basketball creed.  Not so much entertaining all the outside stuff that you know we already have to deal with.  It was more so like if you want a show to be ratchet, then, do that you know what I’m saying?  Let that be the show.  But if it’s just gonna be about entertainment, you know I get it.  But at the same time I just feel like there’s a show for everybody and I just feel like that wasn’t the show that Basketball Wives should’ve been.  But, Basketball Wives is a platform, you know.  I think it did well.  I have no harsh feelings.  I love some of the girls on the show.  I love the producers, I loved it all.  So, you know I just felt like, there’s a show for everybody.”

People Really Believe Reality Shows Are Real:

“That was what was so frustrating for me about Basketball Wives. Because people really, like they would be like ‘Uh Uh! I don’t like her!’ And I’m like, you saw me for five minutes, once a week, like Dang!  It was unbelievable how invested these people were.  And even now, they’ll still go off and they’ll still have their opinions.  There like, ‘I just saw the reunion show!’ and I’m like, that was like last year! It’s really crazy. It’s unbelievable.  I wish there was like a behind the scenes being shot. Because those interviews don’t do it for you.”

What Happened With ‘I Dream of NeNe?’

“You know what?  In real life, that was a show.  There was no scripting. There was no coming in, you know how they intervene and they come in and say, ‘Well talk about this.’ None of that.  It was like ‘What? I’m sorry, Come Again?  What You Said?’ It was all real.  It was great.  I mean, from head to toe, I was entertained.  Even I was like, What? For the first time my mouth is shut.  ‘No she didn’t!  I’m like, girl you better hit her.’  I’m like do something.  No, it was great.  I had a great time.  And most of all, I really enjoyed just NeNe.  Just as a person, her personality.  She’s vivacious.  She’s everything all in one.”

Watch The Interview Below:

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