Exclusive Interview: Larenz Tate Talks ‘House of Lies’ and Scandal Rumors!

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Larenz Tate


Larenz Tate has been a fan favorite for many years!  With iconic roles in films like ‘Love Jones,’ ‘Menace 2 Society,’ ‘Dead Presidents,’ ‘Rescue Me,’ and ‘Why Do Fools Fall In Love,’ his great looks and incredible acting had us all wanting more!  The extremely likable star is making his mark on the Showtime series, ‘House of Lies,’ where he plays the troublesome younger brother of Marty Kaan (Don Cheadle.)  I caught up with Larenz during the NAACP Image Awards and I spoke to him about his role on the hit show.  I also asked him the question all of his fans want to know….are the rumors true?  Will he be joining the cast of Scandal?

Larenz Tate and Don Cheadle House of Lies

What’s in store for your character on House of Lies this season?

“House of Lies is so fun, I get a chance to come in there as the family member that always starts stuff.  We all got that family member that kicks up dust! And I love to play that.  I play Malcom Kaan, that’s Marty Kaan’s brother who’s played obviously by the incredible Don Cheadle.  And my character this year is trying to get his own tv show off the ground. He’s a voice for the people.  He’s a voice for the black folk, who ain’t got no voice!  And so, he’s trying to get his little tv show off the ground. But, by doing so, he’s kinda airing his brother out!  You know Don’s character went to jail, so he’s like telling the family business on national tv!  And he does all these things just to have some personal gain. That’s all my character is all about, personal gain.”

If you can have one ultimate guest on your (fictional) talk show, who would it be?

“Oh, on my show? I would have somebody like Barrack Obama!  If it’s the ultimate show? Let’s get brother Barrack Obama up in there! That would be funny! But he would tell people he has Barrack coming, but Barrack’s assistants assistant, cousin, brother would show up.”

As far as the rumors that he will be a gladiator on Scandal….Larenz still denies the rumors, saying he doesn’t know?  He suggest his fans talk to Shonda Rhimes and put in a good word for him….  Ummmm hmmmm


House of Lies airs Sunday nights on Showtime!!

Watch the interview below:

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