Exclusive Interview: Lance Gross Talks About His Past Relationship & Brandy & Robbie JonesTalk Tyler Perry’s ‘Temptation’

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Tyler Perry’s new movie ‘Temptation,’ hits theaters this weekend!  The dark and sexy film stars Jurnee Smolett Bell, Lance Gross, Brandy, Robbie Jones, Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Williams.  While, many movies highlight men cheating, it’s rare that we see the woman cheating.  The film also targets the 20 somethings.  If you don’t know by now….your twenties can be the most confusing and difficult time of your life.  You’re trying to find yourself, your purpose and often someone to spend your life with.  Tyler chose to focus on a couple in their twenties, who get married before they realize what they want out of life.

Cherise Nicole (CNikky) caught up with Brandy, Lance Gross and Robbie Jones to talk about the film, their dreams and the lessons they’ve learned dealing with past relationships.

Lance Gross

Lance Gross shares what he learned (Possibly by his Ex-Fiancee Eva Marceille):

“Can I tell you what I’ve learned?  Everything that glitters isn’t gold.  You know what I mean?  I’ve learned that people tend to show up with their representative.  You know you might think you know someone, but then they turn out to be a totally different person and that’s a perfect example of Harlan’s (Robbie Jones) character .  You know so, I take that and it’s in my mind. So I approach my relationships with that in mind.  I really make a point to know someone.”

Watch the interview below:


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