Exclusive Interview: Kym Whitley Opens Up About Adoption & Her New Man On This Season of Raising Whitley!

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Kym Whitley and Cherise Nicole

Raising Whitley is back for another season on OWN!  I had the pleasure of sitting down with the fab actress, comedian and mommy,  Kym Whitley at Oprah Winfrey’s building and to say I wasn’t ready is an understatement!  Kym had me laughing from the time I walked into the room, until I left!  She was very candid about her personal life and what we can expect this season on Raising Whitley.  There are major ups and downs, including finding love and considering marriage, to having the courage to let her precious little bit know that he is adopted.  I’ve included a few highlights below.

Kym Whitley and Cherise Nicole

Exciting news in Kym’s personal life! Apparently she has found love and her new man will be featured on this season.

“I’ve been dating.  I’m hoping that the next season, I will be getting engaged and married.  I’m working on that!”

How did you meet?

“Actually, you know how people introduce you?  I was introduced through some friends. “

Who is your celebrity crush?

“My celebrity crush will always be the same, Nas. “

This season, Kym made the difficult decision to tell her 4 year old son, Joshua that he is adopted.  I wanted to know how it felt to tell him the important news and why she felt it was necessary to do it now?

“It was hard to tell him the first time.  But, when you do it once, you have to keep doing it again, because he’s only 4.  So, I made him a little picture book explaining his journey and telling his truth, so that when he’s 4, 5 and 6 and he has questions, and not waiting until he’s 12 and 13 and realizing his life has been a lie.  Or grown! Please don’t do that, that’s the worst. You want to live in your truth.  A lot people find out later in life and it’s devastating. “

Why tell him at age 4?

“Because he’s a smart little boy and I believe that  they learn young using the language.  Let’s start using the word adoption, so as he gets older he’ll get used to it.  So, if we use the word adoption, he might not understand it, but he won’t be afraid of the word.”

I totally agree.  Kids are smarter than many adults give them credit for.  They will grow up to respect you more, if you are honest with them when they are young.  Loved, loved, loved Kym! She is absolutely hilarious!

Raising Whitley’s new season premieres Saturday night, November 21st, on OWN!

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