Exclusive Interview: Kyla Pratt Talks Down Low Brothas, Crazy Black Names & Let’s Stay Together

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Kyla Pratt & Cherise Nicole

Kyla Pratt is the real life version of Lauren London’s character on The Game.  She is a child star that has transitioned seamlessly into being an adult star.  The lovely actress and mommy is on BET’s hit show, Let’s Stay Together, which premieres tonight following The Game at 11pm on BET.

Cherise Nicole (CNikky) and our associates EURweb recently spoke to Kyla about her crazy character on the show and what we can expect this season.  Last season, it was revealed that Kyla’s boyfriend on the show (Darkanian) was secretly Gay and living on The Down Low.  This season he wants to continue living the double life, with Kyla’s help of course!

We asked Kyla what she had to say to brothas living on the Down Low:

“Just be yourself! Just be yourself it’s not right.  It’s o.k. just be yourself.  No one wants to be tricked….Gosh. Forget the people that’s gonna judge you.  They unhappy with they lives.”

What twists can we expect this season:

“There are a lot of twist this season.  We have Charles and Stacy going thru their little cheating thing he got going on.  And Tasha & Jamal are trying to keep things fresh in their marriage cause they’ve been married for a while.  And my character you know she’s trying to get things going with her boyfriend who has boyfriends.  You know she doesn’t want to loose that friendship. So she tries to have a little fake relationship with him, but it doesn’t turn out quite how she expects it to.”

On the crazy names of some of the characters on the show:

“They gotta be interesting!  You will not forget the name Darkanian.”

About it Obviuosly being Black Folks names:

“He could be Caucasian! From the Islands or something…. We wanna keep it exciting!  We don’t want to be just like Oh BECKA and AMANDA.  Ya know?  Not that those are bad names.  We just want something..that POPS!”


Watch the Interview Below:

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