Exclusive Interview: Kevin Hart Talks The Return Of His Rapper Alter Ego ‘Chocolate Drop’ & Sex Scenes w/Wendy Williams!

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Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart and the Real Husbands of Hollywood resurrected Kevin’s alter-ego, rapper Chocolate Drop, this week during the BET Hip Hop Awards.  But, this may not be the last you see of Chocolate Drop!  During the premiere of his movie ‘Let Me Explain,’  Kevin Hart told us Exclusively that there would be a battle re-match between he and T Pain and once again…T Pain will get destroyed!

In addition to talking about their infamous battle, I also asked Kevin about his upcoming role in Think Like A Man Too!  At the end of the first film, it was revealed that his overbearing wife was none other than talk show host, Wendy Williams!  I asked Kevin if we could expect to see any sex scenes between him and his on-screen wife (who happens to be twice his size!)  You have to admit, it would be pretty funny!!  Let’s just say, Kevin told me that we would be seeing a lot of his naked body real soon!!


T Pain, Will there be a re-match between you and Kevin Hart?

“It’s gon be apart 2.  He’s a little more rich and famous than the last time we did it.  We should get back in it.”

Will You beat him this time?

“No! The crazy thing was, we had to cut out so much of that because Kevin was actually really good!  We had to cut out a lot of that.  We was sitting there recording for like 2 hours for those 3 minutes! He was really making sense and he wasn’t meaning to, but he was really freestyling!”

How do you feel about a re-match between Chocolate Drop and T Pain?

Kevin Hart:

“Here’s the thing, T Pain got destroyed by Chocolate Drop.  I didn’t want to do what I did to him, he left me no choice.  As a rapper, Chocolate Drop has done amazing things.  T Pain is a good friend, I’m gonna see what I can do as far as Chocolate Drop.  Hopefully he can condense it a little bit and not do what he did before.  It was a hard fall for him.  I don’t wanna see it happen again.”

kevin hart chocolate drop


Watch the interview below:


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