Exclusive Interview: Kevin Hart Talks Mike Epps, K. Michelle, His Mom & Let Me Explain

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Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is on FIRE!  The outspoken actor and comedian has taken over television and movies and his career is only getting hotter!  Today, Wednesday, July 3rd, his new stand-up film ‘Let Me Explain’ hits theaters everywhere!  In addition to this film, his hit show ‘The Real Husbands of Hollywood,’ will return this fall on BET.

Cherise Nicole (CNikky) and our associates at CocoaFab sat down with Kevin too discuss his new film.  He opened up about the loss of his mother and her not being here to experience his success.  Then, he answered a few questions his fans want to know, like…does he dance when Blurred Lines comes on in the club?  Is his twitter beef with Mike Epps real?  Who would he rather have a baby with…Joseline Hernandez or K. Michelle?

Was there a time in your career after your mother passed, when you were like, ‘Man I wish my mother was here to experience this?

“Success.  Success.  My mother wasn’t here for none of my great success.  Not that the success that she did witness, not that it wasn’t great or phenomenal because any level of success is great or phenomenal.  But, the things that I really wish that my mom could see, she didn’t.  So, you gotta be a strong person and have a strong mind to understand that there’s a positive in every negative.  And the positive that I pull from that is, I was raised well.   My mom was a strong woman, she did an amazing job.  So, I understand that the angel that I have on my back, hasn’t moved, hasn’t budged.  So, yeah, she’s not here physically, but the spirit and the aura that my mom has and has had has never left.  So, that’s why before every show, there’s a message to my mom.  On every special, there’s a message to my mom.  When anything that goes to air that I have a stamp on, there’s a message to my mom.  That’s my way of saying thank you back.  It’s just a stamp of me showing, hey I don’t forget.  Regardless of what’s going on, I’m going to stay true to what I know and believe.”

Amazing.  Unlike any comedy special you’ve ever seen, ‘Let Me Explain’ is guaranteed to make you laugh and possibly cry.  It is a comedy with a lot of heart.  Great job Kevin.  Your mom would be proud.

Check out ‘Let Me Explain’ in theaters now!

Watch the Interview Below:

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