Exclusive Interview : Kevin Hart Steals An Oscar From Ice Cube & Makes A Speech For ‘Ride Along!’

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Kevin Hart & Ice Cube Ride Along CNikky


‘Ride Along,’ is the new cop comedy starring the dynamic team of Kevin Hart and Ice Cube.  Kevin plays a school security officer who is obsessed with video games.  His life dream is to become a police officer and when he is finally accepted into the police academy, he gets enough courage to ask Tika Sumpter ‘s character to marry him.  There is only one problem…he has to get the approval of her older brother, Ice Cube who is a hard nose, no nonsense detective.  Cube , who’s character hates Hart’s character, invites Hart on a ‘Ride Along,’ to give them a chance to know each other.  But, he really plans to not only convince him that he’s not good enough to become a police officer, but he’s also not good enough to marry his sister.

I sat down with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube to drill them on their knowledge of each other.  The winner of the contest would have the opportunity to win an ‘Oscar’ and make an acceptance speech.  Although, I feel there was an obvious winner, the two did not agree and the name calling ensued! Would Ice Cube allow one of his sons to marry Kevin Hart’s daughter?  You have to watch and find out?

Ride Along hits theaters on Friday!

Watch the Interview Below:

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