Exclusive Interview: Kevin Hart & Josh Gad Do Hilarious Impressions For The Wedding Ringer!

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Kevin Hart and Josh Gad


Kevin Hart has proven to be box office platinum and his winning streak appears to be just beginning.  Last year, during the same time, I sat down with Kevin to talk about ‘Ride Along.’  This year it was his laugh out loud comedy ‘The Wedding Ringer,’ with co-star Josh Gad.  I have to admit, I thought this one was going to be a little silly, but I was pleasantly surprised.  It was the best acting I’ve ever seen Kevin do and it was my introduction to the comedic talent that is Josh Gad!  The film is about a man that is getting married to his dream girl, but neglected to tell her that he has no friends, therefore no groomsmen for their wedding day.  So, he hires Kevin Hart who owns an agency that provides a ‘best man,’ for men that need one to fill in.  The problem is, Josh needs more than just a best man, he needs 7 groomsmen as well.  The group of misfits, Kevin and Josh not only provide audiences with memorable LOL moments, but the movie will also touch your heart and make you remember how valuable true friendship can be.

Kevin Hart and Josh Gad

I sat down with Kevin and Josh and I asked them to review the film as characters I gave them.  I asked Kevin to be a women named ‘Vivian,’ and I asked Josh to be a woman named Shaquanda.’  Josh decided that he wanted to do Shaquanda in Jennifer Lewis’ voice.  Their review was so funny, that Kevin said to me, I’m going to make my own video of Josh doing this impression.  Well, he did and it got tons of hits on his Facebook page.  But, please be aware, the idea originated with me! Lol!

Kevin Hart and Josh Gad

The Wedding Ringer hits theaters on Friday, January 13th!

Take a look at their impressions during our interview below:



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