Exclusive Interview: Kerry Washington & Craig Robinson ‘Freestyle’ About The Peeples & Talk Looking For Validation ‘Own It On DVD Now!’

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craig robinson and kerry washington

The Peeple’s is out on DVD!  Craig Robinson and Kerry Washington star in the film produced by Tyler Perry and now you can own it on DVD and Blue Ray! The comedy, written and directed by Tina Gordon Chism is about a woman (Kerry Washington) that is afraid of revealing her not-so-impressive boyfriend (Craig Robinson) to her “Perfect” family. Her father (David Alan Grier) is a very successful and respected judge that will not settle for anything less than the best for his daughters…and Craig Robinson…ain’t it! As the story goes…everything with the Peeples family is not as picture perfect as it may seem.

Cherise Nicole (CNikky)  sat down with Craig Robinson (The Office, Hot Tub Time Machine) and Kerry Washington (Scandal) to talk about the movie…and the shenanigans ensued! This was the first starring role for Robinson and since he is a seasoned improv comedian, we asked him and Kerry to freestyle a little song about their movie.  They did not disappoint.  In addition to their singing, Craig revealed the real reason he chose to do the film….a chance to spank Kerry Washington!  They also opened up about looking to other people for validation.


What was the most fun scene to shoot:


“It was fun to smack you around.”


“She did smack me around.”


“But then you smacked me around as well…What!”


“Yes.  It was fun for both of us.  Yes, it was that scene with the school girl outfit…..I was told to spank Kerry, I didn’t come up with this.  But, it also is the reason I did the movie….  Because she’s very playful and obviously extremely beautiful.  I don’t know if you saw them little legs in that little ol’ skirt!”

Have you ever experienced Searching for Validation from other people:


“I think it’s happened a lot.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve really learned to live my life more for myself and my own relationship with God and my own sense of what’s right or wrong as opposed to try to please other people so I do think it’s kind of a coming of age for Grace [Kerry’s character] a little bit where she learns how to be her own woman for the man she loves.”


“I’ m a comedian and an actor, yeah a lot of validation searching going on!  From just random strangers!”

Watch the interview below:

Watch the trailer below:

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