Exclusive Interview: Kelly Price Sings, Talks R&B Divas L.A. & Reveals Is She Team Nicci Gilbert Or Syleena Johnson?

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The gorgeous Kelly Price, is a soul stirring R&B Diva with the effortless voice of an angel.  She came on the scene in the the late 9o’s with her hit single, ‘Friend of Mine,’ featuring R. Kelly and Ron Isley and went on to have a slew of hits like, ‘Not My Daddy,’ ‘You Should’ve Told Me,’ ‘It Will Rain,’ ‘As We Lay,’ and HeartBreak Hotel with her mentors Whitney Houston and Faith Evans.  Now the songstress is trying her hand at reality television.


Executive producer, Faith Evans tapped Kelly as one of the cast members of the spin-off show for her TV One series R&B Divas, R&B Divas L.A.. As we previously reported the show will include Kelly, Dawn Robinson, Claudette Ortiz, Lil Mo’ , Chante Moore and Michel’le.  Cherise Nicole (CNikky) and our associates EURweb recently caught up with Kelly at the tapping for TV One’s hit series ‘Verses and Flows.’  The lovable Diva spoke about the upcoming season of R&B Divas L.A. She also revealed her feelings about the new season of R&B Divas Atlanta and the feud between cast members Nicci Gilbert and Syleena Johnson.

Read a few tidbits from the interview below:

What can we expect to see on Season 1 of R&B Divas L.A.:

“There were bonds formed so you’ll see that.  We didn’t all get along all the time so, you’ll see that as well.  But that’s the course of life as it goes.  So, I’ll say that and I’ll say that you’ll see what happens in the end it’s very interesting.”

How do you feel about R&B Divas Atlanta this season…are you watching:

“I’m really emotional. I talk to these ladies and so I’m on the phone texting and I’m like watching this stuff play out and I’m like WHAT..FOR REAL!! SERIOUSLY! COME ON YA’LL! I’m very invested.”

“I was tweeting about it last season. I wasn’t even a cast member and I was always on twitter like come on!”

Who’s side are you on…Nicci Gilbert’s or Syleena Johnson’s:

“I am siding on…go get your paper! That’s the side that I’m on.  Let me explain something to you, I learned from some people in this business, I ain’t got to be married to you, I ain’t got to go to bed with you, unless I choose to, but I ain’t got to go to bed with you.  Let’s go make this money Hello!”

“The Name of the show is R&B Divas.  WE got those titles cause we sing, So let’s sing!”

How she feels about her song, ‘Friend of Mine,’ featuring R. Kelly and Ron Isley:

“I love it because, that was my first single as an artist and I literally know at 65 years old, I’m gone be on the stage like, ‘This is Mr. Biggs!’ Yes!  I will be performing that song for over 40 years when I turn 65.”

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We asked Kelly, what was her favorite Faith Evans song and she didn’t just answer…she SANG it!  Yes Kelly!!

Watch the interview below to find out what she sang and tune in to R&B Divas on Wednesdays at 10pm on TV One (Catch a Sneak Peek Below)!

Watch a Sneak Peek at Episode 2 of R&B Divas Below:

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