Exclusive Interview: Kelly Price & Laurieann Gibson Talk Being A Diva On The Set of Her New Video ‘It’s My Time’

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Laurieann Gibson, Cherise Nicole and Kelly Price


Kelly Price has moved on from the drama with R&B Divas and now she is ready to let the world know, ‘It’s My Time!’  Kelly invited us to the set of her music video for her new single, ‘It’s My Time.’  We captured a behind the scenes look at the making of the video along with some exclusive interviews with superstar choreographer Laurieann Gibson, music producer Anthony Shep Crawford, the director and her fabulous glam squad!

Kelly Price and Laurieann Gibson


Kelly had a gang of her friends came down to the set to make a special appearance in her video, including Kenny Latimore!  According to the director, the video will act as a play on words and Kelly and friends will be inside of a grandfather clock acting as the gears that are turning.  The other part of the video will follow two friends, one who is more successful than the other.  During the course of the video the other friend discovers it’s her time for success.

Kenny Latimore  .00.02 AM

When we sled Laurieann Gibson if Kelly Price is a DIVA, she replied:

“Divine, intellectual, virtually awesome?  Yes!  She’s a diva!  I mean listen, you work very hard.  Kelly Price is a perfectionist.  Not just because she’s sitting here.  She’s a remarkable gift as a songwriter and a singer.  A talent a beauty that’s yet to unfold to it’s maximum potential.  So, if she’s threatening and therefore you are affected, by the amazing gifts that God gave her, and you feel that diva is a negative, ten you’re wring.  It’s just really someone who’s minting her gifts and not bearing them.”

Laurieann Gibson, Cherise Nicole and Kelly Price


You can grab ‘It’s My Time,’ on iTunes today!

Watch The Interview Below:

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