Exclusive Interview: Kelly Price Finale’ Parts 4 & 5 ‘Vegas’, ‘Monologues’, ‘Chante Moore’ & ‘I’m Booked!’

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We’ve come to the conclusion of our 5 part Exclusive Interview with Kelly Price of R&B Divas: L.A.  In our last installment, Kelly tells Cherise Nicole (CNikky.com) and our associates Eurweb about what happened in Las Vegas during the Broadway in the Hood performance, the truth about the ‘Will I Marry Me’ wedding dress incident, why she walked away from the monologues, what’s to become of her friendship with Chante Moore, the drama behind ‘I’m booked,’ and if she’s ready to walk away from the show. This epic interview gave Kelly a chance to respond to both her fans and her critics and give them insight on what really happened from her perspective.  The response has been intense, but now that you have all of the information, you can make a fair assessment.

During the interviews we learn that the cast was aware that she would not make the BIH performance and she only missed the red carpet due to a previously scheduled event.   The producers gave her a wedding dress two sizes too small during Chante’s ‘Will I Marry Me’ excercise…because they thought it would be funny and embarrasing?  The ladies and Kelly came to an agreement to work with both directors for the monologues, but the producers shot it down because they weren’t interested in resolve.  She does want to reconcile with Chante Moore and the rest of the ladies.  Everyone had a busy schedule, hers was highlighted to make her look unavailable and one of the Divas was antagonizing her about being busy when she yelled ‘I’m booked,’ on camera.  And most likely she will not be returning for a season 2.

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 What’s The Reason You Kept Saying ‘I’m Booked’ During The Show?

“One of the ladies…and the only reason why I won’t say which one of the ladies said it because I’m not looking to start a war with anybody.  But, one of the ladies actually said to me prior to that moment, ‘We know, you get dates and you’re booked, we don’t need to hear that again!’ So before I even made the comment, I’m booked and I walked out the door, I said, this is crazy.  I’m not getting ready to defend myself because I keep a full calender.  I do work all the time and I don’t apologize for that.  So, if there’s a problem with that, deal with that.  But, YES I’m booked!  And I walked out of the door.  So, you know what you don’t see is me being attacked for being too busy.  And it doesn’t make sense that I’m being attacked for being too busy because the reality of it is, I’m emailing and texting and trying to get people to be available outside of shoot times for rehearsal  because we do have a show to put on.”

Was There A Way To Make The Monologues Work For Everyone?

“There was a way to make it happen and it be o.k. But, there weren’t many people interested in having a good resolve because ….we came to the conclusion that we’d find a way to work with both people (Fred and Torrey Russell) so that they didn’t have to be uncomfortable and neither did I, but that was not something that others, the people who make the show, that wasn’t a resolve.  Because it wouldn’t have made for good tv.”

Why Did You Walk Away From The Monologues With All Of The Divas?

“It ended up being that there were two separate shows and I really regret that it had to happen.  But, there was so much about it that had been tainted.  We weren’t even speaking to each other like we had been before and I felt like at that point I wouldn’t be good for the production because I did feel some kind if way.  So, I withdrew myself from it and I did that for myself, but I also did it for them because I didn’t want their production to be anything less than it could’ve been.”


Are You Willing To Reconcile With Chante Moore and The Rest Of The Ladies?

“As far as reconciliation with Chante Moore, we’re going on the road together.  And that doesn’t mean that all is well, but my life is about reconciliation.”

“I’m all for reconciliation. I can’t speak for where I sit in Chante’s mind right now. Because I think for a while, things can just get so stale that they begin to take on a life of their own and I would hope that it is not what happened with us in this setting.  ”

“I hate it because there was never any negativity between us before this, so for there to be negativity between us now and to know that it didn’t even come from a real place is very difficult.  But, because the start of it was false, I believe that the end of it can be real.  Because it didn’t start on something solid.  The foundation of our drama was not solid.  So, I believe it is something that can be destroyed and re-established.”

Watch the Final Interviews Below and Tune In to TV One tonight for the R&B Divas: L.A. Reunion Finale’:

Part 4 ‘Vegas’ and ‘Defending Chante Moore’:

Part 5 ‘Monologues’ ‘I’m Booked’ & ‘Making Amends’:

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  • Go Diva

    I watched the reunion shows and I am disgusted with Kelly’s lies especially while wearing a Sigma Gamma Rho pin. It is probably honorary but nonetheless she should lie without the pin on. KELLY, YOU ARE NOT A SIZE 16 or 18 or even 20. Get real girl. Stop blaming editing. Your attitude is real, real ugly. The Divalogues were exceptional and professionally executed, thanks to Fred et.al. I lost respect for Kelly because she lost that Christian sense of self. Her actions spoke loudly. I can’t see the tour being successful.

  • Keeping It Real

    To Go Diva!

    It is so obvious that you don’t have a clue as to how editing and broadcasting is generated and created. Because if you did, your responses as it relates to Kelly Price would be better crafted. Of course, we all have a right to our own opinion, that is what makes this Country great! But when you have the where-with-all to edit any show and call it “reality TV” then its really not a “reality” as the Producers would like for you to believe. It’s merely broadcasting at its best. Producers are in business to make money and they need good TV and if they’re not receiving it, they’ll create it. That’s what keeps people like you watching and making derogatory comments towards their cast. Good ratings equals good paychecks!! So just to give you a little education about keeping it real in TV, don’t take it so personal whereby you have to disrespect another Diva!! Yes, Kelly Price is a true Diva, she’s opened doors and opportunity for many. Well, I can’t say the same about you “Go Diva” but I will still give you respect anyway. Furthermore, perhaps taking up a class in broadcasting will provide you with a different opinion. In closing, regardless how Kelly Price received the Sigma Gamma Rho, if you know anything about the organization, “Respect” is their foundation, perhaps you didn’t know that as a non member! It is clear that you’ve crossed those boundaries of respect. However, I wish all people a great life including “Go Diva”. Blessings & Peace!

    PS. Kelly Price keep doing you! You are loved by more people everyday! Keep in mind, Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies. So your enemies will always be present when God continuously blesses you! So for me, I like my enemies to be around because I know there is a blessing coming down!! Love Ya!

  • Pearls&Rubies

    I think Kelly Price is awesome, loves God, and represents our sorority well. Everyone will formulate an opinion about her but like the previous person said, reality tv is not reality tv without producer-stimulated drama. Pretty poodle out!!!