Exclusive Interview: Kelly Price Ask ‘How Much Entertaining Has The World Missed Out On Because Somebody Was Told They’re Too BIG?’

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Kelly P Too Fat for Fame

Too Fat For Fame is coming to your television screens soon and you have an opportunity to submit! Our Favorite Diva, Kelly Price is creating an opportunity for people that may have had their talent rejected because of their size.  While it’s appalling that this still happens every day, the truth is curvy women and big sexy men in the entertainment industry are few and far between.  That is not because they aren’t extremely talented, it’s because the ‘powers that be’ are telling them, in Kelly P.’s words “You Should’ve Told Me, I wasn’t small enough.”  The R&B Diva has opened doors for entertainers of all shapes and sizes.  The Diva who looks amazing and is at a sexy and healthy weight, is tired of there only being room for one curvy entertainer at a time!  It’s true!  How many entertainers have we missed out on because of ridiculous industry standards.  Melissa McCarthy is arguably one of the most talented comedic actresses on the scene right now, Tocarra is still ripping the runway, Faizon Love, Cedric The Entertainer, Niecy Nash, Luther Vandross, Tamela Mann and many many more all continue to prove that talent does not have a size!

Kelly P

During the premiere of her hit show on TV One, R&B Divas: L.A. I spoke to Kelly about her new reality show, Too Fat For Fame and her new clothing line which features sexy jeans for curvy women!

 Tell Me About Your New Clothing Line:

“I’m going to start with jeans.  You know why because every girl deserves to feel sexy in a pair of jeans and it’s hard to do that in plus. But, I feel like I outta have a pair of jeans that work for me.  That I outta be able to put on a nice pair of pumps, or some Tims, or some sneakers.  Every girl deserves to feel sexy in a pair of jeans.”

Tell Me About Your New Reality Show, Too Fat For Fame:

“I broke through barriers that even today are set up. There are things that I look to do that I have been told or am still being told, I’m to big for.  And so, the development of the show, Too Fat For Fame are for incredibly talented people who have doors slammed in their face because their being told their too big .  If you had to think about this, I want you to ask this question to yourself and I want you to ask your readers this question.  How much good singing, acting, entertaining has the world missed out on because somebody was told No because you’re too big? That question can’t be answered. What if we missed out on Luther? I think about, what if I didn’t make it?  I know that I’m not the biggest artist in the world, but I know the impact that I’ve made on my corner of the world with my music.  There would be no ‘Friend of Mine,’ there would be no ‘HeartBreak Hotel,’ atleast not with a Kelly Price involved. There would be no ‘You Should’ve Told Me,’ there would be no ‘Not My Daddy.’  Because Kelly Price would not be Kelly Price who the world knows.  But, Thank God an opportunity was created for me.  Doors opened.  I walked through them.  I worked very very hard to maintain who I am with interigrity and now I want to take that and translate that into an opportunity for other people!  So, if you want to know more, find us on the web at www.TooFatForFame.com!”

Yes Kelly!! Love, Love, Love this idea!  If you’re interested in submitting, please do so now!  This is your shot!  The time for entries have been extended until August 31st!  You can submit a 4 minute video about why you should be considered for the show and don’t forget to showcase your talent!  Singers, actors, models and dancers are all welcome.  Don’t let anyone dim your light.  Don’t be scared!!  Just Submit!  CLICK HERE for more info.

Watch the Interview Below:


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