Exclusive Interview: KeKe Palmer Talks Kissing Quincy Brown & Cory Hardrict Talks Hood Mentality Consequences

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Keke Palmer and Quincy Brown

Brotherly Love is a new film that chronicles the life of a young black family, trying to make it out of a tough neighborhood and overcome a hood mentality.  Keke Palmer and Cory Hardrict star in the film (produced by Queen Latifah) alongside newbies Quincy Brown and Eric Hill.  Keke is no stranger to fame.  The beautiful young woman has been acting in films like Akeelah and the Bee since she was a little girl.  But, in the past year she’s become the youngest talk show host of all time, made history as the first black Cinderella on Broadway, landed a coveted role on Ryan Murphy’s new series ‘Scream Queens,’ and now her new film, Brotherly Love.

Cory Hardrict and Eric Hill

Cory Hardrict has been acting for nearly 20 years, but has yet to be seen as a leading man.  The handsome actor has co-starred in films like American Sniper and Gran Tarino along with several dozen appearances on television. But, we also know him as the husband of Tia Mowry Hardrict. After this film, the world should know him as an outstanding actor and the next ‘big’ thing!

Quincy Brown is new to the acting game, but he has two new films coming out this year, Brotherly Love and Dope.  People recognize the cutie crooner as the son of Kim Porter, Al B. Sure and Sean Combs.  He grew up in the spotlight and he was ready for his close-up! Eric D. Hill is new to acting as well, with only a small role in Orange is the New Black under his belt.  But, he is well spoken and ready to put in some serious work!

I had the pleasure to sit down with the cast of Brotherly Love and I learned some interesting things from both Keke Palmer and Cory Hardrict!

Keke Palmer and Quincy Brown

What is the hardest challenge you’ve faced in your life and how did you overcome?

“Understanding that life goes on.  Stop trying to control every situation.  Stop trying to make everything the way that it needs to be and let life happen!  That was the biggest lesson that I had to learn and of course it’s something that we continuously learn throughout our lives when we have these ideas and these things that we want to happen.  We have to constantly remind ourselves, let God take the wheel and let me just sit back and be prepared for the moment if it ever happens.  And just let it go and that’s probably the biggest lesson that I had to learn is you have to let life do it’s thing, you have to let go.”

Keke Palmer and Quincy Brown

You also have to watch the interview to find out how Keke and Quincy reacted when I asked her how his lips tasted!

Cherise Nicole and Cory Hardrict

Cory Hardrict and Eric Hill

It’s time that the world knows that Cory Hardrict is a phenomenal leading man and a sex symbol!

“I been trying to tell em’ out here!  You know they been sleeping!  They say it takes 20 years to become overnight, I’m at 19 1/2 so…but most importantly I had a great time doing this film.  You know things that are grimy, gritty, not on a big scale budget wise, that’s on a time scale, I can go there as well!”

Cory Hardrict and Eric Hill

How does this film help change the hood mentality of valuing money, power and respect over human life?

“If it touches one life, it did something.  It’s about touching a life, saving someone’s life that’s not going in the right direction and making the right choice at that critical time.  Everyone comes to a point when you’re like, ‘Man, what should I do?’ And that thing could change the next 30 years.  You can make one mistake and change the next 30 years of your life.”

Brotherly Love was a good film and it definitely solidified Cory Hardrict as one of the next big stars of our generation.  He was a powerful leading man and he deserves to be recognized as such.  This film is in select theaters across the country!

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