Exclusive Interview: K. Michelle Shows Her Split Personalities & Snaps At Yung Berg In This Funny Interview!

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K. Michelle and Cherise Nicole

K. Michelle is the feisty R&B artist that has been heating up the charts with her hit singles, ‘Can’t Raise A Man,’ and ‘Very Special.’ Her new album, ‘Anybody Want to Buy A Heart,’ hits stores on December 9th and her new docu-series K.Michelle: My Life airs on Monday nights on VH1.  We were first introduced to K on the first season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.  Since then, she has evolved into a more mature young woman right before our eyes.  With that being said, we have witnessed several sides of Ms. Michelle.  We’ve seen her cuss out her enemies, threaten to fight people, support her friends, cry, laugh, make smart decisions and attempt to leave the drama behind.  So, when I sat down with K recently at Della Terra Restaurant in Beverly Hills, CA. I decided to play a little game with her to explore both sides of her personality.  She was totally open to having fun and we played K vs Kimberly!

K. Michelle and Cherise Nicole


Check out a few of the highlights below!

What would you say if a record label told you, ‘While we think you’re talented, your reputation makes us feel that this is not the right record label for you.’

“K would say, I give zero F#cks , what the F#ck you think! I’m talented, and half the artist on your record label, suck a## ! ”

“Kimberly would say, I respect your opinion, and thank you for this opportunity, but I know that my gift will take me to a new label and I will do big things.”

What would you say, if a salesperson told you, ‘Your credit card has been declined, perhaps you should come back on Black Friday when we have a sale.’

“K would say, ‘My card has not been declined, I am not Yung Berg! You got me messed up cause you gonna make me drag somebody! You know what I’m saying, that’s what K. would say cause I got them coins!”

“Kimberly would say, Ma’am you need to run that again, also, I have 2 more cards.  You should try those.  And if you feel like I should come back on Black Friday, I probably will come back,  but you will no longer have a job when I get back, so I won’t see you.”


K. Michelle: My Life airs on Monday nights on VH1! Be sure to pick up her new album ‘Does Anybody Want To Buy A Heart,’ on December 9th!


Watch The Hilarious Interview Below!


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