Exclusive Interview: Jurnee Smolett Bell Talks ‘Temptation’ & Reveals Her Insecurity Made Her Not Want To Go Outside

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Jurnee smolett

Jurnee Smolett Bell is the star on Tyler Perry’s new film Temptation that hits theaters TODAY! Her character is a young wife who married her husband right out of high school and is trying to pursue a career as a marriage counselor.  Her marriage experiences challenges when she realizes they want different things out of life and a tempting, wealthy entrepreneur offers her a new life of sex, excitement and deceit.

The young actress and new wife recently sat down with Cherise Nicole (CNikky) and our associates EURweb to discuss her role in the film, why she wanted the part, her challenges, marriage and her insecurities.

What attracted you to this film:

“I wanted to work with Tyler when he was shooting For Colored Girls, but I was doing Friday Night Lights. Then when he called me about this it was a great opportunity to express things that young people go through. You know.  I have so many friends who have gone through situations like this when a guy comes along and he whispers a few things in your ear and makes you just do things and loose your mind and start acting cray cray!”

What was challenging about this role:

“It’s a very emotionally complex character and all the different colors of her starting out so confident on a foundation and yet going through the colors of starting to doubt who she is and her appearance, her marriage, her relationship, the neglect she feels at home I mean and then that leads to all these other troubles.  Those were challenging things to take on.”

Did You struggle with Insecurities:

“Oh, Definitely!  When I was younger.  Everyone goes through an akward stage when you’re a teenager.  Mine just lasted..it felt like, for a really long time. And I had, just really bad acne and all these different doctors and people used to tell me do this or do that and it got to a point where I didn’t want to go outside. I didn’t want to go to the grocery store and things like that.  Luckily, you know I found Proactiv. Sista got help!….Most importantly I got clear skin.  That’s all that matters!”

“So I did have insecurities, but luckily I had a mother that taught me that none of that is important.  You gotta have that inner strentgh and inner confidence where it’s like your hair could be just everywhere and it’s o.k. It’s imperfect and there’s beauty in those imperfections.”

Watch the interview below:

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