Exclusive Interview: Joseline Hernandez & Stevie J., Kim & Kanye, Olivia Pope & Fitz…The Men Of ‘For Better Or Worse’ Weigh In!

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Tyler Perry brought his hit television show, ‘For Better or Worse’ to OWN!  Last week, the first episode of season 3 premiered on Oprah’s network to fabulous ratings!  This show joins the ranks of Tyler’s successful shows on OWN, ‘The Haves and The Have Nots’ and ‘Love Thy Neighbor!’

CNikky went to OWN Studios in Los Angeles (and YES, Oprah was there!) to interview the cast amd have a little BBQ!  Two of the handsome men from ‘For Better or Worse’ Kent Faulcon and Brad James  played a little couples game with Cherise Nicole (CNikky).  Hollywood couples such as Joseline Hernandez & Stevie J., Kim and Kanye, Khloe and Lamar, Olivia Pope and President Fitz, Rasheeda & Kirk and Angela and Marcus…will these couple make it ‘For Better’ or end it ‘For Worse?’

Better or Worse 8

Read a few excerpts below:

Joseline Hernandez & Stevie J:

“In some kinda way..they might need each other.  Who you gon put with Joseline?  Who you gon put with Stevie? (So, they might be for better) And for worse!”

Olivia Pope & President Fitz:

“Have you seen this shot on that show? [Goes down] ”

“Yeah, I think they already had the better on there!”

“I think…Yeah they gon make it.  And it’s gon tear up this whole country!  Because, the white Republican President, gon bring this black woman up in there and it’s gon break loose.”

Angela & Marcus (For Better or Worse):

“That’s gonna be For Better!  Cause if you kinda see through their evolution, they’ve been through everything! Pretty much everything and anything that can happen in a relationship, they’ve kind walked that walk.  So, it’s kind of interesting with our characters, they’re like ‘We’ve already done crazy, we’ll show you how to do crazy.’ So, I would say For Better.”

“They’ve still got a few tricks up their sleeve though!  They still got a couple things coming up so I would say For Better or For Worse!”

Tune In To For Better Or Worse, Every Wednesday on OWN!! New Episodes!!

Watch the interview below:


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