Exclusive Interview: Joseline Hernadez & Stevie J. Talk Stingy w/my Kutty Kat & The Jordans Take LA!

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Stevie J & Joseline Hernandez

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez are arguably the most entertaining couple in reality show history!  The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars have ventured off on their own with a spin-off show called, The Jordan’s Take LA!  In addition to filming Love & Hip Hop, A new movie called, ‘That Time of the Month,’ and their upcoming wedding special, the Jordan’s are currently in Los Angeles filming their first season.  I caught up with them during the BET Awards and they shared the details of the show, along with what’s going on with Joseline’s music!

Joseline Hernandez

“I just performed Stingy with My Kutty Kat in Atlanta and it went great! I did like a set of six songs and everybody loved it.  It was great.  I’m just glad that everything is going great with my music and you know, my husband he produces all of my music, so I’m happy about that.”

“We have a spin-off Stevie J and Joseline in L.A., we have a movie and we’re also going back to Atlanta for Love & Hip Hop 5, so no breaks for us.  I’m not sure if (the wedding special) will be in New York, LA or Atlanta? One of those places.”

Stevie J

“We working on our first movie together that I’m producing called, ‘That time of the month.’ We working on our spin-off, we got a water company, we working, God is good.  You know you gotta watch, we doing a lot of great things, throwing pitches out at Dodgers games,  we’re winning, the Jordan’s!”

Watch the Jordan’s on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and look for their spin-off show in 2016!

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