Exclusive Interview: Jordin Sparks Reveals Jason Derulo Get’s Jealous, But They Are Head Over Heels In Love!

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The beautiful and talented Jordin Sparks is gearing up for the release of her new film ‘The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete,’ which hits theatres today!  Sparks is apart of a talented cast that includes Jennifer Hudson, Anthony Mackie, Jeffery Wright and newcomers 13 year old, Skylan Brooks and 11 year old Ethan.  Jordin plays a girl from the projects who does what she has to, to provide a better life for herself.  She is also, the longtime crush of young Skylan’s character, and according to my interview with Skylan and Ethan, she is also their real life crush!  But, there is one person that stands in the way of their dreams coming true…Jordin’s pop star boyfriend, Jason Derulo!  When I asked Jordin if Jason gets mad when she has to kiss her co-stars (like Skylan and Derek Luke) she let us know,  he gets a bit jealous.  However, their love is strong and they are making future plans, to walk down that ilse!

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Does Jason Get Mad When You Have To Kiss Your Co-Stars?

“Jason..I think he’s getting used to it.  At first, he was just like…No.  And I’m like I’m acting babe, like it’s a movie it’s gonna happen you have to be o.k. with it.  And then I’m like, we can talk about your music videos real quick for a second.  So, as far as , you know it’s different because as an artist you have to be given a certain amount of freedom to be able to express it through that.  And I give that to him when he needs it for his videos or whatever and with acting he has to be able to be ok with that as well.  So, we’re both very secure with ourselves and our relationships with each other.  Not to say he doesn’t get jealous, but I kinda like that.”

What About Kissing Derek Luke (Sparkle)?

“Yeah, with Derek, Jason was like…just a little slight twitch.”

On The Status of Their Relationship:

“We’re good.  We know that that’s gonna happen down the road so, we’re just really enjoying each other.  With how everything is, we’re pretty much head over heels so, it’s kinda gross.  My moms like, can you guys like stop, you’re making me sick. Just like, we’re like that.”

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Watch the Interview Below:

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