Exclusive Interview: Jimmy Jam Talks Janet Jackson, Kelly Rowland, Soul Train & Childhood Dreams

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CNikky along with our partners EURweb caught up with music producer Jimmy Jam at the 2012 Soul Train Awards.  The super producer has worked with everyone from Prince, New Edition, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey, but most famously, Jimmy and his partner Terry Lewis are the magic behind Janet Jackson.   Jimmy shared with us what it’s like working with Janet and how she has influenced artist like Kelly Rowland (whom he is in the studio with now).

He also told us about how Soul Train has influenced him, who taught Michael Jackson how to Moon Walk and what he dreamed of being when he was a child.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview…

On Soul Train:

“For me it was the way to learn about the dances, to hear the talent, to see the talent..um, it was indelible in my memory watching the Soul Train shows and stuff.  And then to grow up and actually have the chance to be on the show with my band The Time, it was so surreal that some guys from Minneapolis were gonna be on Soul Train.”

On Janet Jackson:

“It’s a great team effort….We were really blessed to actually meet Janet.  She happened to be a fan of The Time, that’s where we met her, backstage at a Time concert. When me and Terry started producing, she wanted us to produce her and that was the nicest thing because we wanted to produce her.  It was a mutual thing.”

On Kelly Rowland:

“We’re in the studio right now with Kelly Rowland and Janet was her girl!  She just loves Janet and she says that’s the reason she wanted to do music.”

Watch the interview below:

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