Exclusive Interview: Jennifer Lopez Talks Loving Herself & Shades of Blue

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Jennifer Lopez is a multi-talented mogul who can add a successful television show to her long list of achievements.  Shades of Blue, the NBC hit that follows her as a NYC police officer turned FBI informant has audiences captivated and we understand why.  She’s as talented as she is beautiful and I had the chance to speak with her at the Huntington Langley hotel in Pasadena during the NBC TCA’s.  She took the time to speak to every press outlet individually and while most A list stars don’t do that, her humbleness made it clear why she is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

Over the past few years, what’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about yourself?

“About myself!  Oh my God so many things. I continue to learn about myself and try to keep evolving as a women and as a person and as a human being. But, I think that the most important lesson I’ve learned is to love yourself first.”

Do you think your character on the show will ever have a romantic relationship with Ray Liotta’s character?

“Well they have a kind of father daughter relationship and that works really well.  You never know with shows but at the end of the day I think they’re based in a different kind of love. “

When you read the script, why did you decide to do this show?

“Honestly for me it was the characters and the relationship between the characters and how interesting that was.  To me when I read it, it made me feel something.  And I know if it makes me feel something it’s going to make other people feel something, and that’s kind of how I gauge what I do.  Whether it’s a song or a movie or a television show or any character I play. It’s always like, ‘Did that make me feel something or was I bored out of my mind?”

Shades of Blue airs Thursday nights on NBC.

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