Exclusive Interview: Jencarlos Canela Spills Tea on Telenovela & His Love Life!

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Jencarlos Canela

Telenovela is the hilarious new series premiering tonight on NBC starring Eva Longoria and Latin superstar Jencarlos Canela.  The gorgeous and humble actor and singer is a huge star in the Latin community and he is about  to become a breakout star in America as well!  He plays the ex-husband of Eva Longoria’s character and they both happen to be the star of a telenovela (a soap opera).  The cast is full of crazy characters, romance and tons of drama and laughs! I had the pleasure of catching up with Jencarlos at the NBC press day for Telenovela and Superstore.  And he was so gracious and humble, you would never know that he was such a big star. Now I understand why! But with brains and beauty, why is he still single??

Jencarlos Canela

Are you single?

“I am single! I am, I am, I am!”

What are you looking for in a lady?

“I think the attraction is important.  I love a girl with beauty and brains. Beauty and brains is the perfect combination for me.  If she doesn’t have any brains it’s a no go for me.  I’ve had my fair share of just beauty, so I’m ready for the brains now.”

How do you feel about the immense success you’ve experienced?

“In the Latin world, in the Spanish world all Latinos have been so gracious to us. It’s been a ride.  From the albums we’ve dropped, the singles and the telenovela’s we’ve done, it’s been amazing.  There a huge part of why I’m here now.”

Why did your character cheat on Eva Longoria’s character in Telenovela?

“What a dumbass!  I don’t know why he did that!  Has he seen Eva? I don’t know why he did that?  I mean, she thinks I cheated on her with Shakira! If it would’ve been Shakira…we gotta think about that! We gotta see how we can work this out ladies! We gotta compromise somewhere.”


“No, but this guy definitely made a mistake, but there’s so much love between them and you see that throughout the season. And you’re rooting for that. At some point you forget because they forget why they broke up in the first place.  Your rooting for them to give each other a second chance. And whether it happens or not I can’t say.  But, it’s fun!”

How do you feel about love in the workplace?

“I definitely don’t like to mix business with pleasure.  But romance is such a beautiful thing.  And love is such a beautiful thing when it shows up, answer.  And say yes.  It doesn’t matter where in the workplace or wherever.  Say Yes to love always!”

Telenovela premieres January 4th at 8:30pm on NBC!

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