Exclusive Interview: Jay Sean Talks New Album, Beyonce’, Nicki Minaj, Dumb Girls & YMCMB

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Jay Sean’s new album is on the serious R&B tip and ‘It’s A Problem!’  The British singer loves to use that term when referring to something that is really amazing.  He released his first single off of his upcoming album, M.A.R.S. and we have to agree with him, the song is a smash!  MARS (watch the video below) features Maybach Music’s don dadda, Ricky Rozay.  The soft and sensual side of Jay Sean is new to American audiences, who are more familiar with his pop side.  When he was signed to YMCMB, Baby, Slim and Lil Wayne gave him the creative freedom to follow his heart with his music.  While Pop music is apart of him, his heart is with the groove of true R&B.

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During the BET Experience, Cherise Nicole (CNikky) caught up with Jay and spoke to him about his new album, what he is attracted to in a woman and his ultimate celebrity crush.  Even though Jay is married to the beautiful singer Thara, a man still has his fantasies!  Let’s just say…there was a lot of talk about, big booties, Nicki Minaj, J Lo, Eva Menendez and Beyonce’!

“I’ve been working on this for so long.  It’s just one of those things where, to see the final release of it….It’s like carrying a baby!  You’ve waited 9 months, women and when it finally comes out it’s like AAAHHHHH!!! Yes!! Man, I’ve been on this for nearly 3 years! Yes! I’ve been trying to get this album just the way I wanted it because , since my last album, that album was more on the pop side of things.  And I talked to Baby and Slim from Cash Money and I was like guys, the rest of the world before I got signed to Cash Money music, knew me for my more soulful r&B side .  America’s never heard that from me!  I was like let me just get my opportunity to do this, you know what I mean?  Let me.  And they were like, you’re totally right, we got you.  We love what you do anyway, do your thing.  And I got it right in the end.  The song is called MARS…featuring Rick Ross.  It’s a slow jam, baby making music. It’s on that tip man!”

Pick Up Jay Sean’s new album!  In stores now!! It’s a problem!

Watch the interview below:


Watch Jay’s new video featuring Rick Ross MARS:


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