Exclusive Interview: Jay Ellis Talks THE GAME, Taking Lauren London’s Virginity & New Fame!

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jay ellis

Our favorite newbie, Jay Ellis is doing his thing on this season of BET’s hit show, The Game.  Yes….we love to remind you that we did Jay’s first interview EVER!  So, we are so excited to be apart of his journey.  Jay stopped by the red carpet premiere of Kevin Hart’s new film, Let Me Explain, which hits theaters on Wednesday, July 3rd!  We asked Jay to tell us what we can expect on the new episodes of The Game Airing tonight on BET!  We also asked him about his first taste of fame, what his mom thought of him being nude in the first episode and why his character took Lauren London’s characters virginity!!

What was it like, the first time someone recognized you?

“New York, the day after we premiered.  I’m walking down fifth avenue, I walk into Unicom to go buy some t-shirts.  The security guard is like, ‘Oh my dude!  You was with Ciara last night, you was with Lauren London!’  I mean just right out the gate.  So, and that was literally 12 hours after we premiered  in New York City.  So, that was the first time when I was like Whoa, like this is crazy!”

Why did [your character] take Lauren London’s [character] virginity?

“I just read lines….They give me a script and I just read the lines.  Ha, Ha!! I like to think I’m a good dude.  I have all of Blue’s good qualities, how about that?”

Tune in tonight and every Tuesday night on BET to see Jay Ellis on The Game!

Watch the interview below:

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