Exclusive Interview: Jay Ellis Talks ‘THE GAME’ & NOT Replacing Pooch Hall!

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Jay Ellis and Cherise Nicole

Jay Ellis, the handsome newbie on BET’s hit show ‘The Game’ sat down with Cherise Nicole (CNikky) and our associates EURweb to give us the goods on his character, the cast changes and the new season of The Game.  We were the first one’s to interview the break-out star and as his star continues to rise, he keeps giving us the exclusive info. on his rise to fame.

The Oklahoma native is as sweet as they come.  Yes, ladies…he is handsome, he loves God and he loves his Mama!  All the more reason for us to love Jay aka Bryce “Blue” Westbrook!  His character on the show is a bit of a bad boy.  As he describes him “cocky with a lot of swag.” That couldn’t be farther from the real Jay.  While he may have swag, he is very humble.


We asked Jay about his character:

“Blues a good dude.  He comes in obviously as the #1 draft pick and he comes in really feeling himself and really sure of himself and he gets humbled a few times you know. And we love his swag you know, we love how cocky he is.  But we also, sometimes it’s like come on man!  Do the right thing.  Just say the right thing!  And 20 episodes later he learns a little bit.  He grows up a little bit.  He’s a good dude, he’s chasing a beautiful girl (Lauren London) and her career turns out to be this amazing thing and you know he wants to be apart of it and wants her to be apart of his.”

Jay Ellis and CNikky

We asked Jay about people feeling like he’s the bad guy for “taking Pooch Hall’s place on the show:

“I’ve heard that.  I don’t believe that and I hope you guys don’t either.  You know, there’s a lot of talk out there about that obviously.

“I didn’t write it, announce it. No!  But Derwin Davis is back! Pooch Hall is back.  You’ll see him a little bit.  I was added to the cast, Lauren was added to the cast.  We’re two new characters that just get added to the Sabers family. One of the things that they’ve done a really good job with this year with this show is really putting out there is the game goes on.”

On the reality of the show and football:

“The real life of the show is, players come and go. And that’s what makes the show I think.. to me that’s what makes it so much more interesting.  Is the fact that you can get a superstar today and get a bum in the draft tomorrow and you gotta deal with it.”

Love him!  The Game premieres on BET at 10pm on Tuesday, March 26th!!

Watch the interview below:

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