Exclusive Interview: Jagged Edge Clarifies Beef With Jermaine Dupri, Explains Their Arrogance & Talk Their New Album

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Jagged Edge

Jagged Edge is arguably one of the most popular R&B groups of our generation. With hit songs like ‘Where The Party At,’ ‘I Gotta Be,’ ‘Promise,’ ‘Good Luck Charm,’ ‘Let’s Get Married,’ and many many more, you can’t deny that nearly everyone knows the lyrics to a Jagged Edge song. The good news is….the group is back with their new single, HOPE and their releasing a brand new album for all of the fans that have been waiting for real R&B music to return.

Jagged Edge

I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of my favorite groups of all time and we discussed everything from their new album, to what really happened between them and Jermaine Dupri!

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It’s no secret that JE and Jermaine Dupri parted ways when JD left Columbia, but many people wondered why, the group he raised stayed behind and didn’t go with their mentor. The truth is, the label wouldn’t allow the group to leave because they were making them a lot of money at the time. If you read JD’s autobiography ‘Young, Rich and Dangerous,’ you also might have assumed that he was not happy with the group during that time anyway. In his autobiography, he wrote that the twins, Brandon and Brian were constantly fighting. He said that even though they lived in the same house, they refused to speak to each other and they also refused to record together, which meant that as a producer, he had to always have two separate sessions for them to record their lead vocals. He stated that the group refused to fly anywhere, which made touring stressful (since they had to travel by bus everywhere). He spoke of constant bickering and difficulty putting a song together. He also felt that they’d become arrogant and were letting outside influences get into their heads.  He was proud of their success, but he was ready to part ways.

Jagged Edge

Well, the group is back and working with JD again after a 10 year break. I asked them to clarify what really happened between them and why we haven’t heard from them in so long?

Why Didn’t you go with JD when he left Columbia Records/So So Def?

“Just like we said before. When he left Columbia, we couldn’t go! Columbia wouldn’t let us go…so it was really, we had no say in the matter! So, if that’s the case, what stood in our way? You know what I mean? What stood in our way was the paperwork that you know we couldn’t get around. No matter what. We all had that conversation at the point in time like, Hey we wanna go with you. We sat down with Columbia and we was a big money maker at that company at that time. They not gon’ let us walk out the door and they didn’t!”

“But, I mean he also said, on the breakfast club, that he was arrogant. At that time. I mean writing a book, you just feeling yourself. And this industry will have you do that man for real. All of us felt ourself at one point in time. I mean cause you really feel like you’re on top of the world and everything is going good for you and you just loose sight of what’s really your job! I mean, just like he’s saying the ultimate goal. But, I mean it happens.”

“I always believe, part of being older is just like, trying to figure out what part you played in it. You know? And I feel like at a certain point in time, You know we might could’ve just looked at the situation for what it was. And still realized that even though it’s not perfect, it’s still better than a whole lotta other situations. We failed to do that at certain points.

Jagged Egde

The twins clarified that his comments about them not speaking were completely false.  They admit to fighting with each other a lot, but according to them, it’s nothing abnormal and they always make up right away.  As far a JD’s book goes.  They let him know…

“Tell him, we might have to write a book one day too shawty!…And there’s 4 of us!”

Love It!  Welcome Back JE!  We missed you.  Stay tuned for the second part of my interview, where we discussed everything from Robin Thicke and Paula Patton, to what they’ve learned about themselves and the industry over the years!

Check out part 2 of the interview and their new music video right here!
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