Exclusive Interview: Hosea Chanchez Isn’t Happy With What Happens To Malik In Final Seasons of The Game!

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Hosea Chanchez

BET’s The Game has entertained fans for 7 seasons, now they are entering their final 2 seasons and although we are sad to see them go, we are grateful that all of our favorite characters will be getting the proper send off!  BET has been kind enough to grant CNikky watchers more exclusive interviews with the cast of The Game, then anyone else on the web!  So, when season 8 began I had the chance to once again sit down with some of the cast members, we’ve grown to love.  Hosea Chanchez plays superstar NFL quarterback, Malik Wright.  The cutie portrays a flashy ladies man, with a lot of swag and little time for anything other than football and his momanger Tasha Mack!

Cherise Nicole and Hosea Chanchez

I sat down with Malik for a 3 part interview for my Cocktails and Conversation series at Della Terra Restaurant in Beverly Hills.  We discussed everything from the final seasons, the evolution of his character, what happens in the end of the series and what is next in his life.  As usual we had a ball and although Hosea admits he was not completely happy with what happened to his character in the end, he is satisfied that the series ended on a high note.

Hosea Chanchez and Cherise Nicole


“The evolution of my character was something that I was really concerned about in the beginning of us coming back to t.v.  I just didn’t want him to be a cliche.  I didn’t want him to keep going thru the same experiences and I even talked to the producers about it.  And I informed them, you know I want him to go out with growth, maturity and not doing the same things, you know what I mean?  And not just because I’m an actor and we always think about our position.  But, because I’m a man. As a man, I want to see another man whose young, whose black, whose successful, go off into tv death  in a way that I’m proud of.  You know what I mean?  And we kind of found a balance in the end. Some of you guys will be happy with what happens to him, and some of you guys won’t.  I wasn’t 100% happy, I just want to be 100% honest about it,  but I found a balance in it to let him go in the direction that he went in in the end. ”



“Although a lot of guys just don’t get it, in the NFL, you want to play the guy that does get it. In the end you want him to be the one that gets it.”

The Game airs Wednesday nights on BET.  The final season does not have a launch date, but it is rumored that fans may have to wait until January of 2016!!  Let’s hope not 🙂

Watch Part 1 of our 3 part interview below!


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