Exclusive Interview: Hit The Floor’s Taylour Paige Received Death Threats Over Bring It’s Dancing Dolls!

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Taylour Paige and Cherise Nicole

This is when being an extreme fan of reality television goes wrong!  I sat down with the star of VH1’s, ‘Hit The Floor’ during a set visit on Venice Beach and while  Taylour Paige was giving me the tea on the upcoming 3rd season (coming in 2016), she shocked me with some scary information!

During the 1st season of the Lifetime show, Bring It, Taylour was a guest judge in the battle royale where the stars  of that show, ‘The Dancing Dolls,’  had to compete against their biggest rivals.  I’m a fan of the show and like most fans I was shocked and disappointed that the Dancing Dolls lost the competition to a team that appeared to be inferior.  (Keep in mind these dance teams are pre-teens and teenagers).  I spoke to  Taylour about the judges decision for the Dancing Dolls to loose that competition and she informed me that she had received death threats from angry fans of the Dolls!

Come on now…that is just ridiculous!!  I love me some DD4L just as much as the rest of folks, but the outcome of a kids dancing competition is definitely not worth threatening someone’s life!!  Clearly Taylour and the judges made a decision based on what they thought was right, but whomever took their time to threaten and bully her over this decision has clearly lost their mind!

Taylour Paige and Cherise Nicole

“It was crazy!  I got a lot of…actually, some death threats from that! It was crazy, that was really crazy. They were very upset with me.  To be honest, we came in there really objective.  We didn’t know anything about…we just like, honestly, objectively judged the show and they were so upset with me. Yeah. People were like, ‘I’m gonna kill you, you’re ugly!’ But, I’m glad they got another season.  They’re doing well and they’ve improved a lot. “

Don’t worry fans of Hit The Floor, the show is coming back in 2016, trust me, I was on a set visit during this interview.  And Yes, I will be releasing the entire interview with the cast (and a new dance routine) soon!  I just wanted to drop this tea since the new season of ‘Bring It,’ is currently airing on Friday nights on Lifetime!  Love Miss Diana and those Dancing Dolls! But, no more death threats please!

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