Exclusive Interview: Hit The Floor Star, Taylour Paige Reveals How Debbie Allen Changed Her Life Forever

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Taylour Paige and Cherise Nicole



It’s no secret that the star of VH1’s ‘Hit The Floor,’ is an extraordinary talent.  But, not too many fans know that the former Laker Girl was trained and molded by the legendary choreographer/actor/director, Debbie Allen.  Taylour, who plays Ahsha Hayes has been dancing since she was old enough to walk.  But, her real transformation took place when she began training at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy in Los Angeles.  Ms. Allen instilled the importance of not only being a well rounded dancer, but also being a well balanced individual.

“When I started dancing with her at 11, she was the one that was like, you need to read Uda Hagen , ‘Resppect for Acting.’ You need to learn how to do it all.  You need to be prepared. ”

Taylour Paige

“With Debbie Allen she wanted us to know jazz and hip hop and tap and flamingo.  And sometimes you’d go to these classes and be like, why do I have to know African? I mean yeah, I’m proud of my roots, but I don’t want to dance like that!  Why do I need to know flamenco?  And then when you work with someone like Michael Rooney….but then he’s like, Oh you know how to do flamenco? You know how to do this?  And your educated and you know who Rita Hayworth is and Fred?  It’s like I take it back and I’m like all those years.  Ya know?  After I get out of school, I’d go to dance class.  I’d take 4 dance classes. I’d go home, do my homework until 2am, and do the whole thing again every day.  And now it’s like…your always where you’re supposed to be.”

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