Exclusive Interview: Hit The Floor Cast Reveal Season 3 Sexy Secrets!

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Taylour Paige Hit The Floor and Cherise Nicole

The sexiest show on television is back for it’s third season! Hit The Floor returns Monday night to VH1 and it’s packed with jaw dropping reveals, plot twist, steamy sex scenes and a lot of Devil Girl dancing! I caught up with the cast on set at Los Angeles’ famous Venice Beach.  We spoke about the shocking season 2 finale and what we can expect to see on season 3 of Hit The Floor!

McKinley Freeman and Cherise Nicole Hit The FloorI sat down with McKinley Freeman ( Basketball Star, Derek), the star of the show, Taylour Paige ( Devil Girl dancer Ahsha), Katherine Bailess  (Devil Girl dancer Kyle), Valerie Ortiz ( night club manager Raquel) and the creator and producer of Hit The Floor, James La Rosa.

What can we expect this season?


“We pick up where we left off and this season is about Derek figuring out where his priorities are.”

How did you manage to lose Ahsha to her ex-boyfriend?

“Losing is such a relative term.  I mean, you’re never really losing if you’re a winner.  I mean, so losing is just a matter of the moment perhaps, so who knows.”

Cherise Nicole and Taylour Paige Hit The FloorWe ant to know, What is going on with the love triangle between your Ahsha, German and Derek?


“Derek and Ahsha are no longer.  Ahsha is trying things again with German, the killer! You guys have to tune in to see if we’re on some Bonnie and Clyde, or if we’re robbing banks!  There’s a whole new situation going on. “


“Obviously the relationship that German has with Ahsha and the time that Ahsha spent with Derek, there’s so many pros and cons both ways that’s why people either hate me or love me.”

Katherine Bailess and Cherise Nicole Hit The Floor

We had to find out what is going on with the crazy Katherine Bailess who plays ex-stripper and scheming Devil Girl, Kyle Hart.  On the season 2 finale, she was getting married, but will that slow her down?


“Kyle is just too busy, she’s trying to make them dollars, she’s a hustler.  But, last season left off last year with Kyle decided to get married to a woman.  Not because she’s a lesbian, but because she’s trying to help a girl out and keep her in the country.  Cause they gonna ship her to Mexico.”

We’re here for all of the shenanigans! Hit The Floor returns to VH1 on Monday, January 18th!

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