Exclusive Interview: Grey’s Anatomy’s Dr. Bailey & Dr. Webber Talk Season 10 Surprises!

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Chandra Wilson and CHerise Nicole


Greys Anatomy is back for season 10 and according to two of it’s original cast members, it will be as exciting as ever!  I recently caught up with Chandra Wilson (Dr. Bailey) and James Pickens Jr. (Dr. Webber) who spoke to me about their characters last season and what we can expect from them in Season 10!

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Dr. Webber went from being the Chief of Surgery with a stable life and a wife at home, to being a recovering alcoholic widower who stepped down from being Chief and became a general surgeon again. He has since fell in love with Debbie Allen’s character and nearly died from falling and being electrocuted!  Last season he was bed ridden and forced to depend on his staff for help.  His inability to be a strong man, also threatened his friendship with Meredith Grey and Dr. Bailey as well as his relationship.

Will your character become more serious and possibly marry Debbie Allen’s character this season?

“I’m hoping that Shonda will expand on this relationship.  Obviously, it’s a unique relationship on T.V. because you have quote on quote, two adults of a certain age and were so used to seeing young folks carrying on.  It’s nice to see my generation can be passionate , sexy and vivacious and all of those things so, that’s a lot of fun.  I hope they expand on that.”

Chandra Wilson and CHerise Nicole

Chandra Wilson spoke to me about her character struggling with OCD and how this season she will learn to manage it.  Fortunately, it looks as though her disorder may not cause her new marriage to Ben to end!  Last season him coming home and giving up surgery caused huge problems, but Chandra says that Shonda Rhimes (writer/creator of Greys Anatomy) is not interested in breaking up their marriage!

CHandra Wilson and CHerise Nicole

Season 9 ended with a cliff hanger.  Dr. Kepner was standing at the alter, ready to marry the ambulance driver that swept her off of her feet.  But, her first love (and the man that took her virginity) Dr. Avery, interrupted the wedding to profess his love for her and ask her to chose him instead!

Who Will Dr. Kepner Choose?

“I mean…she has absolutely, no respect for ambulance man.  He did the song and everything.  You have somebody sing for you, ya gotta have respect for them.  But, you know how your first mess you up and you ain’t never right after that.  Even if you go ahead, you just not right.  You know what I mean?  It’s like she turned from Jesus!  So, you compare that…ambulance, that, ambulance? ”

“I’m not saying that we’re saying goodbye (to the ambulance man).  I didn’t say that!  I’m saying that these are the choices: ambulance, or the one that took you from Jesus! “

Season 10 of Grey’s Anatomy  premieres on Thursday, February 27th on ABC!

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