Exclusive Interview: Grey’s Anatomy Star Jason George Spills Sexy Secrets About This Season!

Posted by: cnikky

Jason George

ABC’s hit show, Grey’s Anatomy is heating up this season.  While some characters are finding new love…(Meridith Grey included) other characters may be falling out of love.  And what is the root of the problem?  Money!  While we all cheered when fan favorite, Shondra Wilson (Bailey) was finally promoted to Chief, her ultimate success, may lead to the demise of her marriage. Why? Because she is making more money than him…a lot more money.  Mirroring real life issues, many couples are faced with the same issue.  Can a woman make more than her man and the man still feel valuable?  Ben (Jason George) gave us the tea on what’s about to happen!

I caught up with Jason at the premiere of Disney’s The Jungle Book and he told me that although his character is proud of his wife, he did give up making more money, so that she could get ahead in her career and now she surpassed him.  Is that fair?  Here what he has to say below!


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