Exclusive Interview: Giancarlo Esposito Talks Breaking Bad’s Gus On Better Call Saul & The Get Down!

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Better Call Saul makes it’s triumphant Season 3 return this week and we can’t wait!  Why?  One word…GUS!  Yes, my friend Giancarlo Esposito is reprising his legendary role of Gus, from Breaking Bad!  He was one of the most likeable and calculated villains to ever grace the tv screen and let’s not forget his iconic death!  We’re still talking about that one! I caught up with him last year and practically begged him to reprise his role.  And although he was definitely reluctant, it looks like he listened because he is back! Here is a re-post of that interview. Listen to what Espositio had to say and tune in every Monday night  at 10pm on AMC for Better Call Saul!

Giancarlo Esposito

Re-post: August 15th, 2016:

Giancarlo Esposito is one of the busiest men in Hollywood!  After his iconic role on the hit series, Breaking Bad as super villain ‘Gus’ his career has been on a perpetual up swing! The likable actor can be seen in the Maze Runner film series,  hit NBC show, Revolution, The Jungle Book and the new Netflix series ‘The Get Down.’  He recently received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his illustrious career in films like, Do The Right Thing, School Daze and several dozen others.  But, his most popular role is his portrayal of Gus on ‘Breaking Bad.’

I caught up with my friend, Giancarlo at the premiere of his film, The Jungle Book and I asked him the question that all Breaking Bad fans are dying to know…

Will Gus be making an appearance on the Breaking Bad Spin-Off, ‘Better Call Saul?’

“I’ve been very very busy. And they have had interest and hopefully we’re going to figure something out possibly.  I feel like I’m done with it.  Gus is so iconic, I’m finished. I’m done.  But, you know I love that family of film makers. I love Bob Odenkirk. I love the show, so let’s see what happens.”

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for more Gus!

In addition to Saul, Giancarlo has a new show that recently premiered on Netflix, directed by famed Moulin Rouge director, Baz Luhrmann called, ‘The Get Down!’

What character do you play in The Get Down?

“I play pastor Cruz.  I play Myleen’s father who is very against what she wants to do, who’s very against secular music and you’re in for the ride of your life.  Wonderful, wonderful young people in it.  Baz is a wonderful director, it’s going to be the summers hit!”

The show is about the inception of real life Hip Hop group The Funky Four plus One more, which was pioneered by dj Grandmaster Flash.  It stars a cast of young actors which includes Jaden Smith.  It’s definitely artsy, but also refreshing!

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