Exclusive Interview: Gabrielle Union & The Cast Of ‘Being Mary Jane’ Talk Season 1 & Freezing Sperm!

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‘Being Mary Jane,’  is the new drama that took television by storm last week with it’s debut.  The show was rated #1 amongst all dramas on cable television and we know why….the writing of Mara Brok Akil, the directing of Salim Akil and the tremendous cast lead by Gabrielle Union!  I caught up with the cast and their bevy of friends at the red carpet premiere for the show.  I spoke to cast members Gabrielle Union, Lisa Vidal, Richard Roundtree, Richard Brooks, Latarsha Rose, Robinne Lee and Stephen Bishop about their characters this season and how they felt about what went on during the ‘Being Mary Jane’ film.  The hot topic on the carpet was the infamous ‘freezing of the sperm!’  If you caught the film, you watched in disbelief as Mary Jane Paul (Gabrielle Union) took the sperm out of her lovers used condom (while he was sleeping) and put it in the freezer!  She is desperate to have babies any way she can and we have to watch this season to see if she chooses to use the sperm or not!

In addition to speaking with the cast, I caught up with some of their biggest celeb supporters, Magic and Cookie Johnson, Christian Keyes, Affion Crockett and more who shared their thoughts on the show, Gabrielle Union and women stealing sperm!!

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Here are a few quotes from the interview from Gabrielle Union:

What is going on with the sperm this season?

“That sperm is like a character.  The sperm becomes a character that you will see throughout the show and you will find out what happens to the sperm.  So, ‘throw away your own condoms fellas…throw away your own condoms. “

Will she (Mary Jane) finally get it together?

“She can’t get right, she’s on a case of can’t get right! God Bless her.  She tries, she wants the world to think that she has it all and she’s super together and she just makes a lot of bad decisions.  Within one episode, you’re going to laugh with her, cry with her, you’re gong to cuss her out, you’re gonna hate her and then you’ll be like, ‘Girl, can you just, get right?’

We see a lot of ourselves in that character…

“She is showing a lot of us in our most authentic self and it’s not always the self that we want people to know about.  You know what I mean?”

Watch the Interview Below and Tune in Every Tuesday Night to BET for  the hottest new show on TV, ‘Being Mary Jane!’

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