Exclusive Interview: Gabrielle Union Says She’s To Blame For Past Relationship Problems

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Gabrielle Union 'Being Mary Jane' CNikky


Gabrielle Union has been the topic of heated debates lately when it comes to relationship issues.  After the world was in awe of the sweet proposal that her longtime boyfriend, Dwayne Wade gave to her during the holidays, a real life scandal was brewing.  It has become public knowledge that he fathered a child while they were taking a break from their relationship earlier last year.  Fans of the couple were outraged, but the classy Ms. Union has been taking the news in stride.  She was aware of the child before he proposed, so their upcoming nuptials are moving forward.  Sound like an episode of her new show, ‘Being Mary Jane?’  Probably…But the truth is, she may be ok with the situation because she learned from her past relationship that it is not always the man’s fault.  When problems arise in a relationship, you have to look at your part and evaluate yourself.  Your choices, your actions.  During her acceptance speech at the Essence Black Women In Hollywood for the Fierce and Fearless award, she admitted to her sometimes cruel behavior in the past.  It was shocking, eye opening and honest.  When I spoke with her during the red carpet premiere for ‘Being Mary Jane,’ she expressed her realization that she contributed to her past relationship problems.

“When you hit rock bottom and the only way you can go is up.  It was one of the first lessons…I mean AJ Johnson who is here somewhere got me started on that path her and Essence Atkins.  Um, they always knew I was enough but I didn’t see that in myself until I got divorced, I’m under the bed with the dog.  Essence was like, I think you’re ready for AJ now.  And I was like I can’t be ready for anything else, I’m under the bed with the dog! And we just got started on doing the work and she didn’t allow me to blame my ex-husband.  Cause we love a victim.  We love a hero and we love a good guy and a bad guy.  And I could’ve thrown him under the bus and been like you were the bad person and I suffered because you’re the bad person.  And the reality was, I was the villain.  And it’s hard to look at yourself and say, you screwed up, you did this, you did that.  And you have to take responsibility and that was the first step. So, when I got a reward for being fierce and fearless or whatever.  I could’ve given people a load of shit that I pulled out of my butt.  But, that was all moonlight and roses and puppy dogs.  But, the truth is a powerful tool.  And I didn’t always have the right answers.  I wasn’t always on point.  This is where I started and this is where I am now.  But, it was just the truth so…”

Well said Ms. Union.  Be sure to watch ‘Being Mary Jane,’ Tuesday nights at 10pm on BET.  And please leave her alone and let her be happy.

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