Exclusive Interview: Flex & Shanice Share How They Managed When They Lost Their Home & Possesions

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Flex Alexander and Shanice

Flex Alexander and Shanice Wilson have been married for 14 years and in the entertainment industry for much longer.  She experienced success as a young adult, with her hit debut album and single, ‘I Love Your Smile.’  He started as a dancer and comedian and quickly grew to become an A List actor, eventually landing his own network television series with Kyla Pratt.  But, like many celebrities, the work dried up, the series was cancelled, but the expenses stayed the same.  Therefore, the family eventually had to file for bankruptcy, causing them to loose their home, car and worldy possessions.  The only thing they had was each other and the faith that God would provide….and he did!

Flex, Cherise Nicole and Shanice

Flex and Shanice are premiering season two of their hit reality shown on OWN (with the same title).  And I had a chance to catch up with the family at OWN’s beautiful new offices to discuss their marriage and their new season!  Unfortunately, their was a huge sound issue, so although we did have a wonderful one on one interview, there is no sound!  However, we did manage to capture some fantastic moments, when the couple shared with the media how they managed to get through those difficult times.  And I even added footage of the talented Shanice singing her hit song, ‘I Love Your Smile,’ and her latest single, ‘California.’ I learned from them, sometimes you have to make lemonade out of lemons!

Flex, Cherise Nicole and Shanice

Here are a few highlights below:


“There were times, even before trying to keep it from the kids, our time, in our room by ourself.  You know there were times when we just like, poured down crying.  And I was like, baby it’s gonna be alright, it’s gonna turn around.  And I slept like a baby!  I slept like a baby because I can’t pray on it and then turn around and worry because they don’t balance each other out.  So, I just said, I know it’s gonna be alright, we gonna get there.  And even in those times we found fun. Living at the Embassy Suites, we knew that breakfast was over downstairs, so you gotta get that free breakfast! I was like, ‘Elijah, put a couple of waffles in your bag!  Hurry up!”

Shanice and Flex:

“Also, I wanted to say, the highlight was for me when my husband got my ring out of the pawn shop.  Because we had to pawn  my ring so that we could continue to live. Yeah we pawned the ring and the car, to pay our bills.  “


“It was so many things, but for me, I’m just at this place in my life where the material stuff, I don’t care.  I don’t care about it like I did when I was younger.”

Flex and Shanice Season 2 premieres on Saturday, July 13th at 10pm on OWN!

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